Vibur: Disintegration (Episode 1)

VIBUR Disintegration is a game guided by a dense narrative told in the Visual Novel style, complemented by combat with piloted robots (Abidis) in a turn-based strategy system. The story unfolds in the midst of a interplanetary war, in which Abidis play a pivotal role in military conflicts.

Key Features:

  • Experience the first episode of a dense saga, following the hero as he lives the day-to-day of an intense year in which some of his choices will inevitably affect his future and his team.
  • Interact and get closer to team members. They are the key to getting a clearer picture of the world through their distinct perspectives. This proximity will also be useful in combat.
  • Build a romantic connection with some of the girls. Despite the internal shadows that haunt the protagonist, it is possible to create the necessary change for him to able to consider someone in that perspective.
  • Evolve and fight with a diverse selection of weapons of war. Each faction and certain countries have developed powerful new war instruments that are divided essentially into two large groups of humanoid robots, the Tragos and Abidis. These latter are the best tool that mankind has against the Viburs.
  • Beat the enemies using a variety of strategies, exploring both terrain and character characteristics. All Abidis pilots have a combat style associated with a specific class, each with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help managing the team. All fights matter. All the status and condition of the pilots and their units are persistent between missions. Repair, maintenance or upgrading are always difficult choices when human and material resources are limited.
  • Explore this world dominated by the three great factions. Strife and conflict seem unavoidable in a reality where irreconcilable ideologies struggle to attain global hegemony. How will it be, to know different perspectives on the same reality?

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