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  1. Why not one or more cloud covers in the map…… like in this video:

    you can make it (or not) with volumetric cloud shader
    its fun for MP in the future ^^

  2. nice gamee & good job…… i dream see this game some day in ps4 or in pc whit a gameplay in online..would be awesome.many people think ace combat is pretty bad there is nothing of realism.. should be create a page in facebook 4 this game so that more people know about the game and continue improve this game =)

  3. ahahahahahaha I mean Vector Thrust =)

  4. how about x-32 and x-36

  5. I’m a big fan of this project, and getting more Ace Combat style games on PC in general.

    Are you going to be doing any more plane design competitions? I unfortunately missed the announcement, which was a shame as designing silly fictional super planes is a hobby of mine.

    I would love to submit some if you were to conduct another such event in the future.

  6. Will the X-31 and/or the ARES be featured in Vector Thrust?

  7. sebastian rojas

    let me buy this game, its everything i wanted for in an PC acecombat successor.

  8. Marcel van Leeuwen hier van
    Ik heb een hele nasty crash van mijn laptop gehad en ben al mijn recentste contacten kwijt onder andere jouw gegevens en correspondentie.

    Ik heb zelfs een nieuwe laptop gekocht omdat de schijf de moed op had gegeven.

    Ik wil graag weer even contact en komend weekeinde het beloofde artikel schrijven etc.

    Neem even contact met me op? info(a)


  9. my newly downloaded vctor thrust will not launch and play and I havethe new steam launch platform too

  10. Honestly, I hope you can get Vector Thrust done as soon as possible! I love that game, and hope to see it through to the end.

    I have most of the requests of the next update here:


    -F-18 Fanily: F/A-18A (Regular, and Blue Angels), TF-18A (Trainer), F/A-18B (Possible two-seater trainer fighter), F/A-18C, F/A-18D, F/A-18E, F/A-18F, EA-18G Growler (Jammer)
    -F-35B (Hoping for some sort of hover mode!)
    -A-10B (Yes, there is a trainer variant of the A-10!)
    -More F-16 Variants: F-16A B15, F-16AM, F-16C B50, F-16C B52, F-16B, F-16D, F-16E, F-16F Desert Falcon.
    -Tornado Family (ALL Variants)
    -Typhoon Family
    -Harrier Family (…hover mode???) (AV-8A, AV-8B, AV-AB+, Sea Harrier as well maybe?)
    -More MiG-29 Variants: MiG-29A, MiG-29G, MiG-29S.
    -YAK-141 Freestyle
    -Su-24 Fencer Family
    -MiG-25 Foxbat Family (Painted Plain White, Plain Grey, Desert Camo, and Greyish Camo)
    -RF-15 Peak Eagle (Jammer from H.A.W.X., if you can’t find any pics of it, just do your best :D)
    -MIG-1.44 MFI Flatpack
    -English-Electric Lightning
    -Su-27 (Regular, without “S”), Su-27B
    -Rafale Family
    -A-6 Intruder Family
    -A-7 Corsair Family
    -F-8 Crusader Family
    -A-5 Vigilante Family
    -IAI Kfir Family
    -Mirage F-1EQ6
    -JAS-39 Gripen Family
    -JAS-37 Viggen Family
    -Shenyang J-8/J-10 Families
    -Shenyang J-11 (Including prototype), J-9 Prototype, Nanchang J-12, Shenyang J-13, J-14 Peregrine Falcon, J-15, J-16, J-18 Red Eagle, J-20
    -X-29A (Prototype, Plain Grey and Grey Camo paintjobs)
    -Su-32/34 Fullback
    -Finished animations of F-22/YF-23 bombay doors, and special weapons added.
    -Special weapons for Mirage F-1 family!
    -Mirage 2000 Family
    -More F-5 Variants: F-5B, F-5C, F-5D, F-5E Tiger II, F-5F Tiger II (Possible Trainer), F-20 Tigershark
    -More MiG-31 Variants (MiG-31A, MiG-31B, MiG-31BM, MiG-31D, MiG-31E)
    -F-4G Wild Weasel (Reconnaisance)
    -F-108 Rapier Family
    -F-105 Thunderchief
    -F-102/F-106 Delta Dart

    -Fixed .cfg files w/ improved aircraft descriptions & stats.
    -…Landing gear?

    I think thats it for the fighters.



    -Improved .cfg files for some bombers, like the Boeing 737 & C-160, please make the .cfg files like the fighters .cfg files! That would make me happy!
    -Improved descriptions for the other bombers! (T-4 Sotka, ZIZ Heavy Command Cruisers)

    -PLEASE finish B-52 from placeholder stage w/ bombay doors if this bomber is going to be playable. Please add bombay doors for T-4 as well!

    -B-1 Lancer Family (B-1A, B-1B w/ Bombays)
    -B-2 Family (w/ Bombays)
    -Tu-160 Blackjack Family
    -Complete B-52 series
    -Possible buisiness jets/ Airliners
    -C-130 Hercules Family
    -Tu-95 Family
    -Other russian bombers
    -C-5 Galaxy Family
    -C-17 Globemaster Family
    -IL-76 Candid Fanily
    -IL-78 Candid Familt
    -A-50 Mainstay
    -E-3 Sentry
    -E-2 Hawkeye Family
    -E-8 Joint Stars
    -KC-10 Extender
    -KC-135 Stratotanker (KC-135A, KC-135R)
    -SR-71 Blackbird w/ YF-12 Prototype
    -Custom space shuttles (one with traditional black and white space colors, one futuristic version)
    -XB-70 Valkyrie Family

    Now for helicopters!


    -……Playable helis???
    -If so, then improved .cfg files w/ accurate descriptions and heli controls

    -Mi-24 Hind
    -Ka-50 Hokum
    -Ka-52 Hokum
    -More UH-60 variants
    -Coast Guard helis
    -Bell 47 Light Utility heli
    -More paint variants instead of plain green and clear windshields!

    Other Things:

    -An option to change menu music, briefing, hangar, for custom campaigns!
    -Features in Map Editor that include cloud cover styles, size of clouds, etc.
    -Mssion Editor: Ability to change the skin of your selected aircraft in Test Flight!
    -Fix Multiplayer: It keeps crashing when I go to the lobby. Please fix it as soon as you can!

    Please notify me at Thank you!

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