Report 009: DaggerFall

After the last addition of the Karel Doorman in this naval fleet, it has become obvious that is a growing threat and they shouldn’t be ignored any more.

So in response, it was devised a plan to take down this group:

Carefully studying the fleet, they appear to have this layout:

The center DDG-56 is the flagship surrounded by other DDG-56. Flying above this fleet is suicidal, so the best way to approach is attacking from distance with long range anti-ship missiles or Sea-skimmingtactics.

Another note, is more efficient to disable the ships on the borders the before moving to the center of the fleet.

For the main strike unit, it was selected the F-16C. Currently it is one of the aircrafts we have available with more variety in weaponry.

Also the Harpoon missiles are great tools against ships. The aircraft agility was also considered for this operation.

Other unit that was selected for his mission was the su-27s, it excellent maneuverability will offer a great help against the enemy aircrafts.

The battle plan:

The goal for this mission is sinking the enemy fleet; the f-16C squadron will be equipped with anti-ship missiles to increase effectiveness.

To support the strike unit, 3 Su-27s will help engaging the enemy aircraft moving them away from the ships.

This mission is very dangerous and the ships must be destroyed as quickly as possible to avoid great losses, also it is unknown if the enemy will send more reinforcements.

(note: this is a pre-alpha version, it may not represent the final quality of the game)

  • Added loop animations system for the game objects
  • Added warning sounds
  • Added Turret system for sub objects
  • Added more control in sun configuration

  • Added various effects and sounds
  • Added DaggerFall Mission

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 008: Bombing run

Following a previous report, the enemy continues to gather more ships in the fleet stationed in international waters.

The newer ship are Karel Doorman class frigates.

Like any other frigate, is not as powerful or as well armored as a destroyer class, nonetheless the Karel Doorman is a versatile multipurpose frigate.
It is relatively modern with the classical look, a value asset with a wide range of weapons, it can be used in a variety of operations and especially useful for escorting.

 Multipurpose capability
 Well armed
 Good mobility
 Limited air defense capability
 No stealth

Note that the Otobreda cannon can also be used as an anti-aircraft gun, firing powerful long range shells at 120 rounds per minute.

Some of the weapons that our pilots must be cautious about.

The harpoon is an anti-ship missile, the RGM version is for ground launch platforms and it can be used in both ships and ground vehicles.
This reliable weapon has unfortunately an average range compared to other similar weapons and even less when surface launched.

RIM-7 Sea Sparrow is an anti-air missile that acts as a point defense weapon, the version M and later models can be fitted in vertical launch systems.
In comparison with the air launched models they less effective, but its good range and fast speed impose a serious threat to any aircraft.

Considering the successive failed diplomatic attempts to disperse this fleet, it likely
will be needed the use of aggressive action in this matter. In anticipation to that,
preparations are currently being made for a joint operation in sinking these

More details about the operation and a video of the actual mission will be released
as soon it’s available.


Carpet bombing.

After the addition of bomb in your existing loadouts, it was observed that some of our pilots are performing carpet bombings to kill their targets.
Carpet bombing, opposed to precision bombing, is the sequential drop of unguided bombs in an extensive area.
Although usually are dropped small bombs, the amount of ammo released is enough to obliterate
anything in the explosion’s path.

It may be a very simple technique to execute, however to maximize the damage a lot of factors should be considered, as the aircraft speed, drop rate, explosions range and aircraft altitude.

To be able to perform carpet bombings, it is required to use a bomber or an aircraft with a large bomb rack. This is usually only available to smaller and less powerful bombs.
Currently the only fighter/attacker capable of this is the A-10A, carrying up to 12 bombs, more than enough to perform a long carpet.

Later will be added bomb racks for other compatible aircraft.

The worst of this is that some of our pilots are wasting large amounts of bombs to performing carpet bombings just to kill a single target.

So a word to all, don’t waste ammo, it may be cool, but even dumb bombs aren’t exactly cheap!

  • Upgraded Reactor Trail parameters
  • Improved Hud gun sight reticle
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Added movable turret system
The turret system is now fully working also with complete integration with the AI.
More improvements are needed for the AI to adapt to any limitations of the turret movements.

  • Added Karel Doorman Frigate
  • Added RGM-85D Harpoon missile
  • Added RIM-7M Sea Sparrow missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 007: Braveheart

In a week more centered in the mechanics, was still possible to find time to request additional units and weapons.

One role lacking in the ground division is the support artillery, the may PHZ 89 help minimizing this need, however the rocket artillery is more suited for defense than offence.

To fill this hole, the first howitzer was delivered, it was the AS-90:

The AS90 is a modern tracked 155mm self-propelled howitzer with the conventional layout.
It is well armored and has a very high fire rates and very high accuracy.

 Well armored
 High burst rate of fire
 Reasonable mobility

A shot of the AS-90 in game:

The Self-propelled artilleries are combat vehicles specifically designed for very long range engagements. Their long range and high accuracy can be compared as the equivalent of a sniper.

His high accuracy means it can support allied units, even if they are in the firing range and without the fear of hitting them.

They have an important role as they are very effective bombarding structures, but they are vulnerable to agile units and they must be stationary when firing.

As a slight variation it was also added, the upgraded version of the As-90:

The braveheart version has 52 caliber length gun instead of the normal 39 cal.
It trades a little loss in rate of fire for a more powerful shells and longer range.

A shot of the AS-90 Braveheart in game:

Notice the normal AS-90 and Braveheart have different camo paints to help distinguish them more easily.

Even thou there is a very slim chance of that happening, our pilots must be careful when flying in the firing range of howitzers and rocket artillery during an intense bombardment, as they could be accidently hit from an enemy artillery.

Another topic approached this week was the lack of compatible weapons for the newest aircraft, the MiG-21 Bis.

To improve the air-to-air capabilities of the fighter, it was added two new missiles.

First the R-60M. A variation of the R-60 that is used by the Mig-21 Bis as a standard weapon, this missle however, with improved performance acts as an all-specs high mobility close range missile.

The R-55 is a slight outdated missile, but it has his strategic value as it is more powerful and has a slight longer range as the standard missile.

A good choice if the pilot needs more ammo, however it only locks to air units.

As the top 100 indies is now closed, a word of thank you to all that voted, those who are watchers and those who just occasional stop by. Thank you and happy holidays to you all.

  • Projectile’s hit effect change with the type of terrain
  • Add artillery weapon system

  • Added AS-90
  • Added AS-90 Braveheart
  • Added R-60M missile
  • Added R-55 missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 006: Bis Bis

After the addition of the draken, it became visible the need of similar performance aircraft in order to have balanced dogfights.

In response of that need it was added the MiG-21 Bis:

The Mig-21 bis can be considered a multi role aircraft as his performance is decent in both air and ground roles.

In case of our pilots facing these planes, using a higher spec plane in a dogfight they may not impose much of a threat, but if spotted in numbers, they should be handled with caution.

+Good against air and ground
-Weak stability
-Limited weapons selection

After adding the MiG-21 Bis to the selection of flyable aircrafts, it was noticed in our hangars that there wasn’t any compatible weapons for it.

To fix that it was request a new supply of weapons:

The R-60 missile will be used as the standard missile. His specs will be almost similar as other missiles with the same role.

Other thing worth note is the R-60 can be pre-programmed to explode if it loses his target.

OFAB-100-120 is roughly equivalent to the MK-81 bomb, however this bomb is designed to engage lightly armored and easily vulnerable materiel, military industrial facilities, as well as manpower.

Because of this, this weapon it isn’t suited for sheltered and reinforced installations or heavy armored units.

Currently, the weapons don’t have specific requirements how they should be used. Such limitations or requirements will be added later.
For example OFAB-100-120 should be dropped from altitudes of 500 to 15,000m and at a speed of 500 to 1,150 km/h.

It is not yet clear if the pilot will be able fire the weapon beyond the requirements, in that case, the weapon effectiveness will be reduced as a penalty.

Also, only some special weapons will have such limits and the pilot won’t be forced
to remembering them, the HUD will help the pilot reaching the optimum firing

A shot of the MiG-21 bis armed with the R-60 and OFAB-100-120 bombs:

This report arrived a little late that should be expected, but the next will follow the normal routine.


A topic that came to table this week, it was the game localization.

I may seem unimportant at this point, but in fact the earlier it is approached the better, certainly many people would be interested in playing the game in their native language. Unfortunately, at this point it would be impossible to have a decent localization for every language. Facing this limitation an idea came to mind, offering the users the possibility of translating the game themselves. This system should be simple, clean and effortless as possible and those who are interested could easily translate the game and share the file to friend so others could enjoy the game in their native language.

So that’s the basic idea. It may not be as simple as there are some issues to work on. But any suggestion or feedback about this topic is very welcomed.

  • Improved projectile’s ground collision

  • Added MIG-21 Bis aircraft
  • Added R-60 Missile
  • Added OFAB-100-120

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 005: First Armored units

This week is another week with no flight report, in its place, the focus directed to the lacking ground vehicles.

Till today, ground vehicles/objects were very underdeveloped in relation to the aerial objects, to fix that, (almost) all pilots stayed on ground and the mechanics worked in full power in our armored division.

To start, the first armor that added was the Abrams M1 A1:

The Abrams M1 A1 is a very versatile amour that excels both in his offensive and defensive capabilities.

+Well armored
+Great mobility
+Variety of upgrades available

A shot of the Abrams M1 A1 in game:

The Abrams belongs to the Main Battle tank category. This designation goes to the armored fighting vehicles with the purpose for front-line engagements and possesses great tactical offensive and defensive capabilities.

Other unit that was added was the PHZ 89:

PHZ 89 is a rocket artillery type that can keep up with main battle tanks in the field. His full armor protection is unusual for a multiple rocket launcher and the ability of carry additional ammo proves to be a valuable asset in the battlefield

+Well protected for a MRL
+Good off road mobility
+Carries second ammunition load
Limited firing range
Limited road and off road speed

A shot of PHZ 89 in game:

PHZ 89 can use a variety of 122mm spin stabilized rockets, each with different purpose and strategies. For now the only one tested was the standard High Explosive:

The Multiple Rocket Launcher is an artillery type of weapon system. In comparison with the howitzer type, the rocket type as more effective range, no recoil and faster salvo.

However, when firing they are easy to spot, but more importantly, it doesn’t match with the accuracy off the shell type artillery, because of that, it shouldn’t be used allies are in the targeted zone.

Another thing to note, as this was the first week to test the ground objects, the vehicles are still lack in some mechanics, for now, they act pretty much as static emplacements. Later it will be possible to attribute a variety of missions such as guarding, attacking and “search & destroy” nearby targets.

Other thing,
In response to previous request made by Hellome118, that suggested a B-52 being playable, it was made a very raw test in a battle scenario using exclusive the B-52.

In case a early release, this level will be included. Notice however, this level is a rough example of the bomber gameplay and it will only serve as a proof of concept, some mechanics are not yet implemented and the model is an early Lod and will not represent the final quality of the aircraft.

The first impressions of the bomber gameplay are:

  • very vulnerable to air units
  • with the exception of some special weapons, it uses mostly bombs.
  • low mobility and reaction times
  • Can’t climb vertically, at high angles loses a lot of speed and may stall
  • Difficult stall recovery

  • Added objects shadow
  • Added Ground object as game object
  • Added Ground Vehicle as a game object
  • Added Ground weapons system
  • Added Bombers as a playable class

  • Added Abrams M1 A1 Main Battle Tank
  • Added PHZ-89 Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • Added 122mm Rocket

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 004: Flying Dragon

As previous mentioned, in the next weeks it will be a close air support simulation to test the new ground ordinance against upcoming ground targets and vehicles.

For that simulation, the J 35 J Draken was selected to act as the aggressor fighter.
Although it is fighter/interceptor, the Draken is also a great plane for the attack role, his characteristic double delta wings offer great stability at low speed and also plenty of room for ammunition.

It may not be up to the current standards, like other more recent aircrafts, but it is a well-rounded fighter none the less.

As the Draken uses different electronics and weapons system, only the mark 80 bombs are compatible (up to mk 83), so new weapons were added and are now available.

Based in the AIM-9 Sidewinder, there isn’t much to say as it behaves identical as his parent (uses the same “Standard” role, being able to fire against ground and air targets)

The Rb 27 is an Air-to-Air Semi-active missile, like most of its genre the maneuverability is above normal but requires the pilot to keep the target in their steering circle.

This characteristic leaves the pilot vulnerable to attack if he wants the missile to connect the target and it is also inefficient at close range, because of the difficulty in keeping the enemy in sight.

A clear shot of a draken in a test flight:

A Draken firing an Rb 27 missile:

In other news related to the mechanics, now it is possible to play any mission if previous cleared in their respective campaign.
This mode is designated as “Free Mission”.

Other ongoing, not yet completed mode, is the addition of the “Battle scenario”, in resume, is a single mission campaign. Suited for recreating battles or other missions without the need of defining a lot of parameters exclusive to campaigns. Another use is to test new missions in development.
The battle scenarios will also share the same ability as the Campaigns of adding story or context information to the missions.

  • Added Free mission mode for campaigns
  • Added Battle Scenario Mode (not yet completed)

  • Added J35 J Draken
  • Added Rb 24 Missile
  • Added Rb 27 Missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 003: Fresh Weapons delivery

This week there is no flight report, instead, all the attention is placed in the new
weapons that just came in.
All the weapons added this week are missiles and are more oriented air-to-ground, more specifically, air-to-ship.
Also to better distinguish the weapons it has been attached a representation of its flight path.

To start off as a reference with the already added AGM-88 Harm:

The long curve of its flight trajectory make it more orientated for long range attacks as it becomes inefficient at close range or tracking fast targets.
Currently available for:

The Harpoon is a weapon specifically designed to sink naval targets with great tracking
power and precision, however as it flies very closely to the sea (+/- 5m) it
will be intercepted if it flies above rough terrain.
Also it may lose is effectiveness if fired at a very high angle to the target.
Currently available for:

A weapon similar to the Harpoon, yet it only flies close to the ground at a closer range and also the distance to the ground it is bigger.
Currently available for:

This version of the KH-31 is intended to ground targets, as in its path it flies at very high altitudes it makes it very effective against targets in mountainous terrains.

(Note: Although now it’s not fully functional, in the latter releases it will only track targets with radar waves emissions)
Currently available for:

Great against armored vehicles and in latter versions it will be possible to fire multiple missiles simultaneously.
Currently available for:

Very similar to the AGM-65B version, this version is for high penetration and but
can’t lock; it will aim to a laser designated spot emitted from the aircraft.
Currently available for:


Same as the type B, but designed especially for sea objects, either weapon can be used
to other types of ground targets, but the type F can behave poorly in land
targets and is more deadly in sea objects than the type B.
Currently available for:

For the last, a missile for the destroyer class. For now, the only unit available is the DDG-56 and it fires this missile vertically from its launch platforms, because of this, the missile makes an interesting behavior, as it climbs at certain altitude and then turns to the target. This kind of flight path has some pros and cons and its approach should be made with caution.

Some studies where made and it was possible to determine the hit probability of this path:

The height where the missile turns it is the most dangerous spot and it should be avoided at all cost. The brown zones are where the hit probability is the highest and the green zone is the lowest. However the green zone it is not completely a safe zone as the aircraft is vulnerable to the AA guns of the destroyer.

(Please note the image above symbolize the hit probability of a RIM-67A ER missile launched vertical against a flying object and does not consider the aircraft speed or characteristics, pilot skill or any evasive maneuvers)

  • Improved the weapons mounting system
  • Pylons and other mounts now have the matching skin of the aircraft
  • Improved Bomb system
  • Added missile track refresh rate

  • Added RIM-67 ER Missile
  • Added AGM-65B Missile
  • Added AGM-65E Missile
  • Added AGM-65F Missile
  • Added AGM-84 Missile
  • Added KH-31A Missile
  • Added KH-31P Missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 002: Hogs and Bombs

In order to assist the troops for the forthcoming joint exercise that will simulate a CAS operation, it was decided that for that task there was no better choice than the A-10A.

It is not the fastest or the most agile aircraft, but certainly is tough enough to withstand heavy fire from the enemy. This crude but reliable aircraft is a excellent choice for ground operations, adding more variety to our selection of fighters.
the Pave Penny can be removed.

Unfortunately the current electronics are not ready to use several types of weapons. But this week our mechanics worked hard and now our aircraft can use dumb bombs. The system still has some issues, but the bombs work effectively in destroying ground targets.So, now it is possible to use the Mark 80 bombs in the A-10A and F-16C. The other aircrafts will be able to use their respective bombs later.

Mark 81 – 250 lb bomb
Mark 82 – 500 lb bomb
Mark 83 – 1000 lb bomb
Mark 84 – 2000 lb bomb

As the bombs vary in power and weight, it’s up to the pilot if he wants to sortie with a lot of ammo or with a lot of destruction power.

An A-10A using Mark 84 bombs:

An A-10A using Mark 81 bombs:

A shot of A-10A with bombs armed (note: HUD is still incomplete)

  • Added bombs system
  • Added Unguided Bombs as a weapon
  • Added the ability to attach more than one projectile per hard-point

  • Added A-10A fighter
  • Added Mk 80 series of unguided bombs

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

Report 001: Destroyer fleet spotted

Earlier this week we have found a fleet of destroyers stationed in international waters.
One of our pilots flied close enough to have a clear shot.:


After some analysis, it was possible to identify the ship:
It was identified as a DDG-56 destroyer class.


It’s a powerful warship and can impose a great threat to our allied aircrafts, but we are still
not certain about its armament.

There are two possible loadouts:


Loadout A:
1xNaval gun 
Elevation Limits: -15/+65ª
Traverse Limits: 170º from center line
Range: 5000km

1xAnti-Air gun (fires from the warship itself)
Elevation Limits: No Limit
Traverse Limits: No Limit
Range: 2000km

1xAnti-Air/Anti-Ship Missile
Elevation Limits: No Limit
Traverse Limits: No Limit
Range: 7000km


Loadout B:
1xNaval gun 
Elevation Limits: -15º/+65º
Traverse Limits: 170º from center line
Range: 5000km

2xAnti-Air gun 
Elevation Limits: -10º/+80º
Traverse Limits: 150º from center line
Range: 2000km

2xAnti-Air/Anti-Ship Missile
Elevation Limits: No Limit
Traverse Limits: No Limit
Range: 7000km

Each weapon is Autonomous and the warship can acquire different targets simultaneous.

In the next reports we will have a clear conclusion about the armament. And also, it will be considered if each weapon can be targeted and destroyed individuality.
It is known that the destroyer class has the ability to carry helicopters, but for now, every destroyer that was spotted  didn’t had any helicopter docked. Currently that ability isn’t a priority, but will be further studied in the next reports.

in order to prepare for future battles, F-16C can now equip AGM-88 HARM missiles and LANTIRN target pod as a Long Range Air-to-Ground Missile.


Suited for long range engagements with high precision strikes, but the tracking system
is inefficient at close or against speed boats. Some aircrafts are already carrying this weapon just in case:

Other updates this week:

  • Added water reflection
  • Added Destroyer Class as a game object
  • Improved the accuracy of the player machine gun
  • Added delay in missile tracking after fire
  • Added the ability to special weapons attaching plug-ins to aircraft

  • Added DDG-56 destroyer class
  • Added AGM-88 HARM

More reports will follow after this.