Battle Tiers Invasion is in its last development phase.

Currently the game is almost finished and it is performing a closed beta testing.

As the gameplay is the most important part of the game, is being given a special attention to its mechanics, to ensure the game is challenging but also fun and easy to play. The missions in the challenge mode are also a critical aspect and are been tune with great care.

Also, new screens of the final game art will be uploaded in the next days and the announcement of the release date will follow after that.

Furthermore,  a review of some of the features that will be present in the game:

  • 6 Game Modes linked to Leaderboards.
  • A Challenge Mode with over 50 missions.
  • 5 Special Weapons, each with their own unique strengths and weakness.
  • 5 Different Battle zones.
  • 4 Unique types of enemies.
  • Game content with Multiple Unlocking methods.
  • Low spec PC requirements play it comfortably on your netbook.
  • Controller enable for a more intuitive game play.

Battle Treads Invasion changed it’s name.

After some consideration, I decided to change the name.

It was a slight change, but now it’s called Battle Tiers Invasion instead of the old Battle Treads Invasion, swapping Treads to Tiers. So from now on, all screens and videos they’ll have this new name.

Old name:

New name: