TimeSymmetry is an independent game development studio based in Braga, Portugal. The company was founded in 2011 by Cláudio Rodrigues. Currently is a one man team and focus on small quantity and high quality game productions for PC.

Before founding the company, I have been working in the ads game industry for 2 years, hopefully using all my knowledge, dedication and love for games I intend to bring to the players a variety of fun and interesting games.

  1. I like what u did there with making fighter jet game.
    keep up the good work !

  2. Just stumbled upon this through Facebook advertisement, and I have two questions/requests regarding Vector Thrust:

    1: Is this going to be available and compatible with Macintosh’s Snow Leopard OS and up?

    2: Will the game have a cockpit view?

  3. Would love to see a MOBA style game play so that players could PvP on two sides, with an ongoing ground war below. Maybe make some large city setting where the team wins when the ground forces are able to push beyond a certain point and the support of air to air and air ground makes or breaks the ground forces progress.

  4. Yo man, just wanted to say well done on what you’ve achieved so far! I love the style of your game as well as the cell shaded effect – takes me back to the days of Ace Combat 3! So well done, I know it’s a helluva lot of work but keep it up, you’re doing very well. Cheers!

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