Report 059: Reestablishing communications

It really has been a while since the last report.

Initially I was thinking in releasing a report as soon the update becomes available, like has been usual, however there are still a handful of things left to be done.

However, I feel it has been quite a while since the last report, and I´m sure most of you are interested to see more details of the next update even if it is not fully ready. I’m not sure how much more time the next update will require to be complete, but I don´t want to make you wait much longer for the latest news.

Then occurred me, why not showing bits of the next update? In a way I feel that I have developed a bad habit in the way I presented the latest information with the reports. Now looking back, the size of the reports grew in each iteration and before I noticed they had become too overwhelming for me.

They were fun to make but they required too much time to have all the information and assets ready. So with this update I want reboot everything and start small again. The next reports may eventually start to grow, but hopefully I’ll be able find the right size to deliver interesting information at a good pace.

Now, about the actual content of the report.

As I said before a new update is coming soon, it is a big update and packs a lot of changes overall, one of them is the improved environment. Not much has been changed in the code besides expanding some functions, this improved environment is the result of giving more care and time to each individual level.

I´ll show you the result, but first, let me remind you the first mission from HT as it is available now:

So much white!

And now with the update:

A bit better.

These changes will be applied to all campaign missions and some challenges. What it adds is a bunch of additional parameters and allows them to be tweaked in the mission files, they can be changed in the map files as well, but the goal is for the mission designer make is own custom environment without having to make a duplicate map.

This is all I want to show for now, I have a lot more to talk about, but I hoe this way I can make reports more frequently.

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.


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  1. Would’ve been much better if the dawn/dusk skybox isn’t too green/brown filtered though.

  2. On the serious note, with the current trend of almost all new reviews coming up are mostly negative, I wonder how long you’ll work on VT.

    • I would be more happy if the trend was more positive, but even with this my wish is to be able to continue working in VT as long as there are players interested in it.

      • “….as long as there are players interested in it.”

        If it isn’t as broken as currently is probably more people will come. Nevertheless, I hope the outside factor (read: publisher’s decisions) won’t prevent you to develop it further for at least another couple of year then.

      • Steam review’s at mixed (69%) now.

        There’s no way to make the trend “more positive” if you don’t release the update/fixes ASAP, otherwise we’re gonna see more influx of negative trends incoming in the following years. The game can’t fix itself you know.

    • @Grave Yes your right, I´m working on it, but the update it not ready. I hope to be able to release it as soon as possible

  3. And I hope that you can respond to us a tad bit more frequently. No offense, but if you can just tell us if any new stuff is being added or fixed with new posts. Please? I’m hoping for new aircraft, the B-52 placeholder being finished, ailerons for the bombers, able to add clouds + types of clouds, and more!

    All i’m saying is, post some updates on how Vector Thrust is going, and how the fixes are doing too. Thank you!

  4. 231412341112345qq

    Not even the latest patch could fix the problems on F-22 and its variants.

    Perhaps we won’t even see PAK-FA, ATD-X and J-20 in-game officially by then. What a pity.

  5. TimeSymmetry, are you still there?

    Feels like you haven’t responded to us for a while. Can you make sure to post any notifications more often?

    I’m trying to figure out how to set up Squad Commands since most of them didn’t work when I tried it (I set up one squadron name for 6 fighters and me being the team captain.)

    If you can reply back to me, that would mean the world to me, since I ADORE this game! 🙂

    (Maybe even tell me how to set up Squad Commands successfully? I’m playing ver. 1.502)

    Thank you!

    -Sincerely, Stuntkyle

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