Super Aircraft Contest Winner

The Super Air contest ended almost exactly a month ago.
For those who don’t know, it was a contest for the community to submit their own designs for a super aircraft to be added in the game.
The contest itself was widely successful and congratulations to all the participants for sending such awesome designs.
For anyone that missed this contest, I highly recommend you to take a look at these great pieces in the forum.

But as for the entries, it was very hard to select a winner. If possible I would simply just add them all, however to follow the rules of the contest and to not impact the development schedule, only one will be selected to be included in the release.

It was mentioned that the winner would be thanked in the game credits, however after seeing such great results I believe all al the entries should be thanked. (Everyone that participated, please send me a private message with your real name, or I’ll contact you later)

However, while all the designs would have been very interesting to have in the game, it is unfortunate that it will not possible to add them in time for the release, but don’t worry, their addition is something to look forward in future.

Also before announcing the winner, (if you haven’t looked down already), the contest was so interesting that I’m considering the possibility in the future make other contest for other type of units.

Now the winner, this was tough, but thanks to the Iceberg staff in helping by sharing their opinion, the following result was decided by choosing the design the most votes.
And it this one:

If you haven’t guessed already it is the S-24A Nigthhound made by KnX

Thanks KnX for submitting such interesting design, here is in the usual reveal:

And this was the submitted entry:

Also thanks to everyone who participated as well.
But for everyone else, what do you think of the winner? It was your favorite? Or you were betting on other design?
Stay tuned, more reports will follow.


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  1. If you follow this site and see this, good job, KnX.

    That also goes to the rest of the participants for being recognized for their contributions.

  2. Good job KnX with your S-24 Nighthound winning the contest. We all did some very impressive work and I’m glad to see us all getting an honorable mention.

  3. Thanks guys.
    I feel honored. Never won any kind of design contest and winning this one in particular means a lot.
    I learned a lot in the process.
    All the other submited ideas were amazing. I would like to see all those planes in the game too. Maybe some modder…..

  4. I was thinking.
    How about a campaign design contest?

    • Sounds like a good idea but I think it better be done after the game release so that we can see how the campaign/mission structure works first.

      However, I’m thinking of something in a much ‘grander’ scale, like UT2k4’s ‘Make Something Unreal’ modding competition.

  5. Just two words then : Porco Rosso.

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