Super Aircraft Design Contest

This time there is something different to talk about.
You all know VT already offers an insane amount of aircrafts right?
But sure, we still want more, or would have preferred if some families were added instead of others.
But this time the issue is different. Some days ago I came to a realization.

A game with such large selection surely will have a few overpowering super aircrafts, right?
Well… no.

Ok, even if is not a wicked design, I bet there is some special aircraft that can be unlocked after clearing a campaign, right?
Errr… no.

And that’s the issue.

While the game as a large quantity of aircrafts, it has very few original ones and those are quite balanced will all other aircrafts making them almost indistinguishable from the rest.

For a game like VT is like almost mandatory to have at least one super aircraft.

To address that, new aircraft could have been quickly conceptualized and added to the game, but that is the standard procedure.

Instead of that, I want to keep the tradition of VT hearing the community, so I prepared a contest that allows all players to submit their own design:

Here are the rules in simple text:

  • The Design can be computer drawn or hand drawn and scanned.
  • The design can be posted on either facebook or in the dedicated forum thread.
  • It must be submitted two images of 3 view of the design, one in black and white to show the shape and the panel lines and other in color with the default skin applied.
  • In the submission, it must be stated the name of aircraft and a description of performance.
  • The submitted design can be created by making a montage of existing blueprints.
  • For weapon loadouts it must use real world weapons for main and sub weapons slots, but it can be added up to 3 fictional special weapons. If is that the case for each weapon must be submit their one design, description and capabilities.
  • The submitted idea is more important that the visual presentation, however the presented design must necessarily be clean and easy to read.
  • Perspective views are not necessary, but that can be included to better portrait the design.
  • The contest ends on December 31.
  • The winner will be announced the following month after the contest is over.
  • The author of the winning design will have is name engraved in the credits.

You can find the dedicated forum page here:

Tip: consider that this super aircraft may be eventually used against you, so it must be beatable.

And here is an example how to submit a design to the contest


Mobility: 5/5
Stability: 2/5
Defense: 4/5
Air-to-air: 5/5
Air-to-ground: 2/5
Sub weapon: GSh-30-1
Main weapon: R-60
Special weapon 1: R-77
Special weapon 2: R-60M
Special weapon 2: Kh-29T

And that’s all, good luck for all interested in summiting their designs, and I look forward to see your creativity.

If anyone has any question related to the contest, it can be asked here in the comment section


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