Important announcement !

I have an important announcement referring to the change in the production that I’ve mentioned before in the forums.

In the last weeks the production already entered in maximum speed because it is intended to release in the first quarter of 2014. (and yes, it will be on steam, yay!)

In the last month VT gained the support of a publisher, this is really great news and I believe this was possible thanks to the support of all of you.

They will provide resources to make the game better and they are not interested in limiting the “artistic freedom” of the game. (they only requested multiplayer mode, but it was already intended to be added if there was a possibility). This and releasing earlier than initially planned tightens the schedule as there is plenty of stuff to add before we can meet the set date of release.

This leads to the only downside I see with this. Because this will be a race to the finish line, and as it was a request from their side, the alpha funding will have to be concluded.
While I’m a bit sad about this, since I was enjoying a lot this style of development, I will respect their request.

However, while the alpha funding will be closed, I’m interest in providing a few more meaningful updates.

I’m very grateful to all of you and I want you to know that even if I couldn’t reveal any information until all was set, I am and will continue to be looking for your best interests.

But don’t worry, all the alpha supporters until now will receive the final copy of the game so that is not really an issue. I will also continue to be present here and I will provide support with tutorials and news, however it will be several months without any playable update.

As for your suggestions, I always enjoyed them and I’ll be grateful if everyone continues to provide them. However like I said before, the schedule for the release is very thigh, there is a lot to do, but if is any free time available it will be used to address some of your suggestions.

Also because of alpha funding will be concluded, I’m very interest in making the mission Editor flawless before the updates end, so all you can keep entertained while there is no more updates.
Since the F-22 is so popular, I believe it’s the best plane to add in the final updates (but it won’t be the only one).

With this said, it up to you if you respect or not this new development. But I’ll accept any of your opinions and either way I still will be very grateful to you all.

But stay tuned, more reports will follow.

5 Replies to “Important announcement !”

  1. That explains why VT suddenly disappeared from Steam Greenlight, I assume?

    Also if you don’t mind, we need *some* more planes for the final update:
    -The F-16XL you keep forgot of (:P)
    -PAK-FA, as a contender of F-22
    -The unimplemented F-104 variants

    Once again, best of luck and hope things goes smoothly until the release!

    1. Yes, that was the reason to be removed from Greenlight.

      As for the planes, you can be sure that the F-16XL will be in the final update, since it was promised for so long it would have been unacceptable to end without this one.

      The already presented F-104 variants and F-15DJ will be included as well; I’m just not sure about the PAK-FA, but that would help make an excellent final update, so I’ll try to make an effort to include it as well.

  2. “The already presented F-104 variants”

    But, will the VTOL variant included too?

    Oh, and one last thing, will the final update make it way as a free playable demo either several months after the update’s release or after the game’s release?

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