Report 035: Ion Cannon

This report contains the changes of the 0.2190 update.

Just for contextualizing, these last updates hare been more compact because the mission editor currently is being developed in parallel production.
Being that said, let’s start off with the main topic:

While the mission editor is not yet completed, the skirmish is the game mode that has being given more attention at the moment.
In each update is constantly being improved and refined, although it already offers everything that need to offer there are still a handful of great ideas lurking around in the forum, both as game modes and mutators, so there is still plenty to improve/add in this game mode.

This continuing the expansion of the flexibility of the mutators, it has been added the possibility to add additional units.
Exploring this newly added possibility, what could be created as a mutator is something that adds units that disrupt or limit the formal flow of battle.

Several ideas came to mind, but ultimately was chosen the creation of this unit:

An Ion Cannon.

The EOS-02 MRISA cannon is a orbital Scalar Accelerator cannon that operates using a enlarged and up-powered version of the same concept used in the aircraft-mounted L1WAC.
(Note: if you look at the description of this unit you can see more complete background information.)

With this unit it was created the “Ion Rain” mutator

Here a screen show of the EOS-02 in use:

This ion cannon should be considered as low performance and suited to targeted a single unit, rather than being a weapon that deliver destruction to a wide range.
While the mutator have 7 units in space they are more disruptive than actually effective.

(Also this is just small Ion cannon, a bigger, more powerful and more intimidating version will surely be added in the future)

Moving on with the additions, has it was mentioned in the past report, due to a frequent request of the F-16XL, it was decided to finally add it in the game.
But instead of adding directly the exact variant in question, is being added instead the whole evolution that led to that unit  and it will move on to beyond

So this time it was added the F-16 SCAMP v.2.

The F-16 SCAMP II is the next stage in the development of the F-16XL production line, and is a stepping stone between the sharply swept delta of the original SCAMP and the contoured lines of the XL. The wingspan has again been increased, trading more mobility for further increased stability, range and weapons carriage.

An interesting point of this variant is that it contains three all-moving parts in the tips that control pitch, roll and even yaw.

Like before, here is a size comparison be have a better idea of the scale of this variant:

As you may notice, the first version is exceptionally long, but this version falls back to a more compact size as the original.

Another unit that has been added in this update is somewhat different from the usual.
It was requested as sort off a joke unit, but also to add another element to the Su-47 family:

And here is the story behind this unit:
“Produced from a mistake on the production line in an aircraft development facility, a mistake which led to over 200 SU-47 Berkuts having their wings installed backwards, led to the testing and rather limited deployment of the SU-74 Tukreb. Not wanting to fall behind on quote, the factory cleared these mis-installed Sukhois for active deployment to various customers throughout the world. The factory was promptly threatened by various air forces throughout the world after they received the shipment, however further testing of the mistake aircraft saved the firm from destruction by tomahawk  cruise missile. In field tests the “Tukreb”, as nicknamed by the first pilots due to lack of other reporting name, was at least on par with the standard SU-47 and was allowed onto the battlefield in limited numbers.”

While the Su-74 is just a fictional unit in a what-if scenario it is still regarded as combat capable like any other unit, with a performance corresponding to alterations and be balanced gameplay-wise.

Regarding fictional variants, there have been some suggestions in the forum, that have been taken in to account, but just to be aware, real variants will always have more priority.

Also here are other additions/change that you will find in this update:

There have been added new gameplay sounds and improvement of the existing ones.
Something that may interest modders is the newly added possibility to set distinct hud sounds for each unit.
In this version you already will hear that some aircrafts have different warning sounds.

Other addition, due to the feedback in the forums is the inclusion of an achievement system in the profile, (for now they won’t be called accolades to avoid confusion).
The challenges that are included in this update are most basic, also as it uses the already existing profile data is very likely that anyone with a significant playtime has most of the awards already conquered.
This system built to be easily expanded and it will be in the future, so expect the addition of much more awards in the near future. (Also if you have any idea for a new challenge feel free to suggest it)

The last addition is the new menu music, this music is composed by José Pavli and it will serve as a preview of his work as he will be responsible for composing the soundtrack of the next campaign that is expected to be released shortly after the mission editor is completed .

And finally preview of the next report, can anyone guess what it is?
(With this you all are aware what will be the next gameplay mechanics to be introduced in the next update)

  • Added award system
  • Added Unit specific sounds
  • Added units addition in mutators
  • Fixed various bugs and issues

  • Added F-16 SCAMP v2
  • Added Su-74
  • Added EOS-02
  • Added Ion Rain Mutator
  • Added new sounds

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

3 Replies to “Report 035: Ion Cannon”

  1. lol Tukreb.

    Although honestly I do expecting S-32 instead. (one of my favorite non-fictional jet in Ace Combat)

    Or variable-geometry wing Berkut once you bring F-14

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