Report 034: Delta wing variants

This report contains the changes of the 0.2180 update.

Just to warn in advance, this report is more like filler, so it won’t bring anything ground braking.
Most of the development made since the last report was in the mission editor, but that has been done until now was the inner systems, so until it reaches the user interface, there’s really nothing interesting to show.

But to not postpone the updates until the editor is completed it will be released small updates with some additional units and any necessary bug fix.

For this update it was initially planned to add the f-16XL, but on second thought, instead of directly add that variant it would be more interesting to add the whole development line that led to that unit.

So with that in mind, we start off with this unit:

The F-16 SCAMP.

Under a project called Supersonic Cruise and Manoeuvering Program (SCAMP) it was developed cranked-arrow delta wing shape, this was the birth of the design of the F-16XL

The F-16 SCAMP is a concept for technology demonstrator variant of the F-16 with a heavily modified wing shape.
His appearance is so big departure from the original, that when viewed from above no longer resemblance the original version.

Also note, this version lacks in speed brakes, as a result it loses speed a lot more slowly than any other fighters. (the loss of speed is achieved by lowering the engine output)

Something interesting to mention about the F-16 SCAMP, is it size, as it is probably the biggest version of the F-16 family:

As you can see the F-16 SCAMP is a big, almost as big as the F-15 U+.

This is the only version of the F-16XL development to add for now; more will be added in the next reports.

To match the variant above it was added another delta wing, the MiG-21I Analog.

Based in the MiG-21S (a variant not yet available in the game), the MiG-21I Analog changes the wings design and removes the tail.

The MiG21I /1 analog started as an experimental plate to test the delta wing concept for the Tu-144.
This design proved to be successful in providing the aircraft with more maneuverability and lift

Because of this design was so successful, the design was improved and it was made another prototype:

Very similar to the other previous version, however the Mig-21I/2 has a more oval wings design.

This version changed the role of some moving parts and it has improved stability and maneuverability.

Regarding to the Mig-21, the surprising aspect of this is that the game until now only had two variants, but this family as loads of them.
Considering this, it is very likely that more versions will be made available in the upcoming updates.

Moving on to other aircrafts, they are not delta wing, but in this update it was also added some of those that were already shown in the previous reports:

F-104S-ASA_M :

Jaguar A:

Jaguar GR3:

It was added this weapon as well:

The FAB-500-M62 is an unguided 500Kg drop bomb.

This weapon was made specifically for a tutorial that will be available later. This tutorial will show the step-by-step from the weapon creation to the implementation in the game.

Just a simple addition that is more for fun than anything else, while expanding player profile data to allow future achievement-like conditions, it was added a rank to all individual data.
It safe to say if anyone reaches an ACE rank is because is probably he really is one.

This one is one addition that has been requested for quite some time.
Is allowing to specify a different number of main weapons, until now for aircrafts the game always forced to have two projectiles of the may weapon.

For now there isn’t any unit the uses this new “ability”, but it is already one planned to be added very soon.

For anyone interested in adding this to their custom aircraft add this line:


MainWeap_NumPoints = uint


And then add the respective lines:

MainWeapPos#_HP= Vector3
MainWeapPos#_HPnoMesh = bool
MainWeapPos#= Vector3
MainWeapDir#= Vector3
MainWeapRoll#= Real


  • Added profile ranks
  • Added flexible number of main weapons
  • Fixed various bugs and issues

  • Added F-16 SCAMP
  • Added MiG-21I/1
  • Added MiG-21I/2
  • Added FAB-500-M62


Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

9 Replies to “Report 034: Delta wing variants”

  1. Just wondering whether you’ve fixed the subweapon bug in skirmish (it’s been reported once in bug reporting thread IIRC) and there’s another bug in TDM score skirmish mode where your kill scores doesn’t contribute at all to team points.

    Also are you going to include both F-16XL variants (unit 1, which is single seater and the two-seater unit 2 CMIIW)?

      1. Yup; from Varyag’s post:

        “4: I know it’s something you’re tryong to fix for a while, but just to remind you: if you choose a plane and enter a mission where you can choose a special weapon, the next time you enter a skirmish mission, the plane you choose will have that weapon equipped. I had some weird stuff happening, like a Jaguar with the Linear One-Way Accelerator Cannon. That was funny.”

  2. Hey TS, I’m also wondering why planes doesn’t have nozzle animation effect while accelerating/decelerating. Could it be fixed as well (I know it could involving re-assigning animations for every in-game planes, but….)?

    1. Forgot to mention, it seems there’s also a bug where if there’s a ZIZ-T during skirmish battle, destroying its turrets counts as kills/losing lives, moreover it respawns without the destroyed turret. And looks like if you try to equip it with missiles and fly it, the missiles tend to lock at own turrets.

      1. Thanks I wasn’t aware of the issue of your own missiles locking to your own turrets.
        I’ll try to fix both issues soon as possible.

        As for the nozzle, it will be added to all units latter, most units will also have additional revisions when the weapons bay, landing gear and refueling system are added.

  3. Update: I know this has been reported before (by MyHatIsMyFriend I think), in Desert skirmish map (the one with airfield), there’s apparently something like an invisible hitbox near the airfield (you die crashed if you try to approach the airbase, not related to stress damage as it seems).

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