Report 032: Map Editor Upgrade

This report contains the changes of the 0.2160 update.

This update continues in expanding the functionalities of the editor.
With this new release is already possible to add new units, but the biggest step this time is the option to change the environment.

Here are some shots while playing around with it:

At the moment, the map editor is only partially done, offering only the most basic functions, and even in these require further upgrades and more control in the future.
But at it stands now, is enough for his intended propose and the development of this map editor will stay on hold for now.
This is because the map editor to be truly complete requires an extensive set of features and by adding all at once could stagger for several weeks the overall development of the game.

This was already foreseen and it was planed form the start that these last update would not develop fully the map editor.

The reason for this development was to be an intermediary step for the mission editor, this one the true goal and to be developed fully in the next updates.

With this break in the map editor, it will offer the opportunity to hear the players’ opinion about the editor and what could be improved.

Moving on with the report, the Special function option expanded has been improved and integrated in another aircraft.
As it was mentioned when it was added, the j 35 mod has the special function to retract the small canard wings to be able to fire, but the time there was no special function option, so the aircraft was unequipped of his sub weapons.

With this update, this unit was revised and now can fold the canards to be able to fire.
A shot of the mod 4 retracting the wings.
Not that this special function is not yet completed, it has the animations and can only fire after canards collected, but it doesn’t affect the aircraft performance.

As for content additions, it was added more mutators:
Hp Regen– all units regenerate hp with time
Volatile units– all units create a huge blast when destroyed that damage surrounding units
Hyper mode– higher rate of fire and more ammo
SafeMissiles – all missiles/rockets self destruct after running out of fuel
FuelBombs mode– All units have fuel mode active and self destruct after running out of fuel.

With this pack, most of the suggestions that have been made have already been addressed. There are still a couple of nice ideas remaining, but if anyone has other idea for a mutator feel free to suggest, in alternative, you can find the mutator template in the respective folder and you can try to make your own mutator by yourself.

Another mutator that has been added in this update, but this one just for the fun.
I don’t recall who suggest it, neither when or where.
I don’t also know if the one that suggestion was serious or was just joking, but just to show how every suggestion here is treated seriously, here it is:

Someone asked eggplanes, and here they are:

Now going back to more serious topics, the skirmish mode had several improvements and bug fixes, especial the arena boundaries and respawn zone.

It was also added the “Last Team standing”, it is similar to the last man standing but with teams. At the moment, the player can’t be spectator an watch the fight while is out so, while it is team based mode, the match is immediately lost if the player loses all lives.

Added also the option to configure the number of AI units in each team.

And still referring to the skirmish mode, it was fixed an AI bug that somehow passed unnoticed until now, sometimes after respawn the AI units become in a more passive behavior. After this update, the Ai units will immediately recover and take actions right after respawning.

And finally, has it was requested, it was added the option to restore to default controls in the control options.

  • Improved Map editor
  • Improved Special Function mode
  • Fixed several bugs in Skirmish

  • Added More Mutators
  • Added Last Team Standing game mode

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

3 Replies to “Report 032: Map Editor Upgrade”

    1. Fixed, thanks.
      As for the eggplane, because it just a deformation by scaling the mesh, unfortunately it can never be a true eggplane.
      But the proportions can be revised in future updates.

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