5 Replies to “Report 28 sneak peek”

  1. Dat bottom silhouette’s gonna have me wracking my brain trying to figure out what it is. Currently I’m guessing it’s inspired from the F-15 Kai based on the shape of the tailfin.

    1. Too bad I can’t edit these. To be more clear, I meant the fictional variant, which I believe is also called the Eagle Plus. The middle one, however, is the real F-15J Kai, with an IRST sensor and a slightly different intake shape. The top silhouette would the standard F-15J, meaning this line of Eagles is purely JASDF-themed.

  2. Ah, the (in)famous Eagle Plus I ordered earlier. You deserve my credit, TS!

    And to complete the JASDF Eagles lineup….no F-15DJ?

    1. The F-15DJ was saved for later; this is to avoid saturating an update with several variants similar to each other.
      The F-15B and F-15D are also missing in the game; they will probably be added all at the same time.

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