Report 024: Projectiles Upgraded

This report contains the 0.2100 updates.

This report may be a bit small here, but it does not reflect the size of the changes.
With this update the game mechanics of all the basic types of projectiles (bullets, bombs, rockets and missiles) are completely done.
The game may still be an alpha, but in this department, it is finished.

But well, what this improvement will change in the game?
On the surface, it is still played the same, but for those who want more strategy in their dogfights, this will add a lot of that.

First, the missiles no longer have infinite thrust unto their very end.

This may appear less cinematic, having a missile silently approaching you, but will add a significant tactical element to the game.
As the thrust ends, the missile becomes more susceptible to adverse forces and it will start to lose speed until it drops.

Second, any unit above the enemy will have the advantage, the projectiles will go farther and the enemy projectiles will lose strength climbing.

Thrid, as the altitude rises, dogfights are more lethal, because the projectiles will travel faster and with longer range.

Forth, hitting targets with bullets at point blank range will deal more damage than normal, similar to that, targets at distance will receive less damage than normal due to the drop of the projectile’s speed.

Fifth, SAMs are now less efficient against high altitude aircrafts and to targets near their maximum range. The reason is the SAMS drain a lot of thrust just to reach the right altitude and speed so they will be weaker against distant targets.

Other point, while for now there isn’t really any mission were you have to defend a specific zone, from here on, avoid dogfight right above the area you want to protect. Stray bullets, missiles or other projectiles will be common.
Even if you are cautious with you ammunition the others may not, so as a word of advice, consider the zone of your dogfight, as it will rain metal for those below you.

There was two weapons the benefited the most from this ne mechanic, it was the bullets and rockets. As it there is no longer the need to limit their life time to the same time as they should fly strait, it grants them longer overall range, but only if the user makes use of their trajectory to hit the desired target.

Following what is stated above, another relevant addition, thanks to the improved flight dynamics, now it is possible to use indirect fire.

And with that, artillery and rocket launchers will be finally very useful in battle.
The Indirect aiming can be already tested in debug mode by taking control of one of this types of units and change to “Aiming type 4”, however the system as it stands now it is too arbitrary to be usable in a true battle, so the AI players won’t make use of it for the time being.

But anyone is free to try it out this new aiming system as it was quite fun to use in an M1 A1 Abrams, despite it is not and indirect fire type of unit.

Also in this report, it was added the “Last man standing” game mode for the skirmish.
It is similar to the death match, however the players have a limited set of lives and once those are consumed they are expelled from the match.

This follows the interest of improving the skirmish little by little in every update and regarding that, considering the suggestions already made, there’s is a lot of cool ideas waiting to be implemented in the skirmish mode.

And a final extra for this report, it was added a very special weapon.
Like other special weapons, it can be found in the game folders, mas it must be attributed to an aircraft first in order to be used.

This weapon was made with the purpose of testing the current versatility of the game engine and also to be an example to future mods.

One image says it all about what this weapon does:

But if anyone wants to see it in action here is a quick clip:

  • Upgraded Projectiles dynamics
  • Added last man Standing game mode.

  • Added all the remaining call Signs
  • Added MMIC-L5

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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