Report 025: Splitted Update

This report contains the 0.205 updates.

This update can be considered a somewhat last minute decision.
The main reason is because the true update is more delayed than expected.
To avert another week without any update, it was decided to split the content’s in two reports.
The other part will bring very significant changes to projectiles’ mechanics, unfortunately to make use of these changes, every projectile in the game must be tweaked and tested, making it a very arduous and time consuming task and also it should be done with no rush to avoid creating any undesirable bug.

But about this part, in response to several requests, it was finally added the option to change the camera movement in controls Options.
Other requested improvement as the function to automatically look to the selected target.

Continuing the interest to improve the skirmish mode in every report, it was added as well the option to view the leaderboard during the game.

From here on, in the skirmish/arcade more, AI players can win the match if they reach to the defined goal before the player.

As an extra, it was included as well to variants.

The first is the A-10C:

The A-10 was the only aircraft with just a single variant in the game, because of that it was added one additional version.

This variant introduces mostly technological improvements in avionics and the ability to use JDAM weapons.

The other version is a variant of the Su-27.
Several versions were on the table, but undeniably the version that generates most interest is the Su-37:

Most of you know full well this aircraft, so it doesn’t need any explanation.

(Note: looking forward to see “yellow” skins for this plane in the future…)

With these new aircrafts it was added a new map. (The one that was built in the tutorial section)
It is a mountainous map, excellent for dogfights

After the updating the game, please check the control options to verify the key bindings of the new functions.

Once the tweaking of all the projectiles is done, the next part of the update will be immediately available.

  • Added leaderboards
  • Added “look at target”
  • Added key Configuration for look around
  • Improved code optimization
  • Fixed Crash After leaving the map in the Doppelganger mode

  • Fixed A-10A animation
  • Added A-10C
  • Added Su-37
  • Added DesertMap6


Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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