Report 024 Extra: Skirmish Upgraded

This report contains the 0.1995 updates.

This time, it is a relatively small update in response to some of the feedback regarding the skirmish mode.

Some changes and improvements were:

  • now setting the goal as 0 means the match will be unlimited.
  • added the time limit option to define the end of the match
  • all AI players will ace a random generated callsign.

(the list of all callsigns is in the system folder, I would not recommend changing it, because the list is not yet completed and it will be overwritten in the future)

AI players were also tweaked, now they consider the ammo available when firing successive shots.
Other more important addition, now they are more careful in avoid ground collision.

Still regarding to the skirmish mode, it was added an event window in the display HUD:

You can see the text just above the radar.
It notifies any kill or crash, in order to the player to be more aware of the ongoing battle
This HUD element can be available to any regular mission, just add:

ShowEventWindow = true

If you wish to display only your team’s related events also activate this:

ShowEventWindow_OnlyTeamRelated = true


One other extra addition in this update, thanks to the feedback resulted from the skirmish, is the addition of the “Quick Action” mode.

The quick action mode is an unlimited succession of random generated skirmish matches.
It is great addition if you are looking for immediate action.
More variety will be included in this mode as other options in other modes become available.

Also concerning to the forums, it will be added a new page dedicated to the skirmish mode with the hope of appearing more great ideas like those already existing in the forum.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to implement all the ideas/suggestions immediately; so most of them are still pending.
But, if they weren’t added yet it doesn’t mean there were forgotten.
Don’t hold back in making any suggestion, with every update will be attempted to add at least one of them.

Aside from all of this, there were also added this weapons to add more diversity to the MiG-29 variants loadout.

R-27R is a semi-active version. It has slightly longer range than the R-26T, however the missiles must be kept inside the steering circle in order to aim to the target

Also a variant of the R-27 is the R-27P, this version is passive missile, because of this it can only lock to aircrafts with an active radar.
But thanks to not possessing radar, this missile is not limited by the battery life, meaning it has a bigger operational range.

And lastly, the KH-29L, it is an air to ground missile, that works very similar to the AGM-65 Maverick

  • Added unlimited match when goal is 0
  • Added time limit for match
  • Added quick play mode
  • Added random generated call signs
  • Fixed bug of starting a skirmish with a background image covering it
  • Fixed AI successive shots
  • Fixed AI behavior, now they avoid ground collision
  • Fixed enemies still shooting missiles to the destroyed player

  • Added R-29R
  • Added R-27P
  • Added KH-29L

Stay tuned, more reports will follow

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