Report 023: New Skin System, Fuel and weapons

This report contains the 0.198 updates.

As promised before, this update will be part of a sequence of updates that will be more directed in towards the improvement of the game mechanics. Focusing less in the addition of new content.

A new skin system has been added.
While this does not affect the game in any significant way, it greatly helps the users that are making custom skins.

The main improvements are:

  • Skins configuration are organized in separate files from the aircraft specs, so no longer the user have to edit the aircraft specs to setup the new custom created skin.
  • All skins are now automatically loaded in the Battle Scenario mode.
  • Skins packs can now be shared more easily with other users without the fear of overwriting the existing data and does not require any work integrating them in the game.
  • Retro compatibility is ensured, so any mod or aircraft done previous from this update will continue to work.
  • Game objects can now have an unlimited number of different materials instead of the earlier fixed numbers of the 2 cell shaded materials 2 materials with binary alpha and 2 with interpolated alpha.
  • For every material is now possible to assign different reference materials, meaning it is now possible to apply different shaders, like removing the cell shaded effect in a specific material

(Note: while most of the compatibility with the old data is preserved, campaigns using the old system won’t be allowed to select additional skins)

The fuel system has been added for all the units.
While the consumption mechanic is mostly done, there still be needed some improvements in the behavior of the aircraft before the fuel is depleted, mostly in the preservation/loss of energy.

Currently the fuel system is not being used by the default game play.
It will be used later with some battle scenarios and in a future campaign.
But it can be tested immediately, to the ini file of an aircraft and set:


(Note: when in use, the fuel percentage appears in the HUD

This system is still in trial stages and it will stay that for some time to see how it affects the gameplay.
But feel free to try it how and suggestions are welcome especially if you have any Idea how it can be improved.

Aside form these new mechanics it was also added some new weapons for the F-104 Starfighters:

The AIM-9P is an earlier version to the already available AIM-9L. It has lower performance compared to the L version but it is added to be used in the older fighters like the some variants of the Starfighter and Draken.

The M117 was widely used before the appearance of the Mark 80-series bombs. It is slightly stronger than the Mk-82. Used by old fighters and the B-52

The Kormoran is a medium range anti-ship missile used exclusively by the F-104G

The Kormoran 2 as it uses the same airframe it was added as well. It has longer range and can be fired multiple missiles simultaneously. However this is weapon it is only for the Tornado IDS that it is not available for now.

Finally in was detected some issues in the last report.

The most important was the F-104B.
In that report it was not accurate to the real aircraft because the B variant has a longer tail like the D or G and not a short tail like A or C.
This scheme represents the fixed appearance.

Other issue was that in the report it was written as F-104 G Doppelrumph.
While in the game it has the proper name, just to make it clear the aircraft name is F-104 G Doppelrumpf and not F-104 G Doppelrumph.

One last note, the next update will be focused entirely in the implementation of the Skirmish mode. While the implementation is expected to be done in the next week, it may require some significant changes in the game internal organization that may not be noticeable nor changes the gameplay any way. In case something like that happens, delaying the whole update, an aditional update will step in.
Meanwhile, whenever it is possible, new tutorials will be provided, including requests for more information will be attended as soon as possible.

  • Added new skin System
  • Added Fuel System
  • Improved the stalling for the aircrafts

  • Added AIM-9P
  • Added M117
  • Added AS.34 Kormoran 1
  • Added AS.34 Kormoran 2

Stay tuned, more reports will follow

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