Report 022: Starfighter

This report contains the 0.197 updates.

This update took a while but it is finally here.

As all of you immediately figured out the aircraft to be added this time is the F-104 Starfighter.
Following the latest trend after the Mig-29, whenever a new aircraft available, it will be added as well all the relevant variants.
This method is more efficient than doing the variants with time intervals, because it saves time and helps planning the modeling/maping/texturing preventing the possibility of having to do everything from scratch.
The downside of this method is due to the high count of aircrafts it can easily lead to unexpected delays, requires more research and in order to fine tune the parameters it is not possible to add every unit immediately.

Now onto the aircrafts:

Starting from the roots, the first aircraft from the F-104 family, the XF-104.

It can be distinguished from the other variants from inlets without having the traditional cones and being smaller than the other units.

From the XF-104 was developed the YF-104A As the final trials before the full production.

The YF-104 as a superior performance in comparison to the XF-104 and can be distinguished by all other variants by the lack of the centerline fin

The F-104A was the first mass produced Starfighter.

The F-104A was designed to be a pure high speed interceptor.

The F-104B is a two two-seaters version of the F-104A that also acts as a trainer

The F-014B has no cannon and has reduced internal fuel, but otherwise it is combat-capable.

The F-104C adopted a new fighter-bomber role.

The additional refueling probe also gives additional operational range.

The F-104D is the two-seaters version of the F-104C.

Notice the difference in canopy from the F-104B.

The F-104G Super Starfighter was a strengthened version of the F-104C with new avionics and all-weather capabilities.

This is the most common version of the strike fight and it has drastic improvements in maneuverability and electronics in comparison with the C version

An upgraded version of the F-104G, it retains the fighter-bomber capabilities, but it its more geared towards the interceptor role.

It can be identified by the two additional ventral fins and the cannon was removed to make room for more avionics.

The f-104S/ASA is another improving, adding more updated electronics.

It is hard to tell de difference between this version and the F-104S, as visually it has only some more small sensors.

The most modern F-104 version ever used was without any doubt the ASA-M version.

It is visual similar to the ASA version, but this aircraft surpass every other variant in absolutely everything. This is the last and the strongest starfighter ever made.


The NF-104 is a variant built for specific astronaut testing and experimental purposes.

It can be distinguished by other variants from the rocket thruster integrated with de fuselage. This rocket when activated boost significantly the aircraft speed and helps reach altitudes otherwise impossible by conventional means.

The F-104G-CCV was made by recycling a tail section of other starfighter giving additional mobility.

The CCV version has additional electronics and sensors, it is very maneuverable but it is somewhat instable. The information gathered by this aircraft was used during the development of the Tornado and Eurofighter.


The F-104 VTOL it is one of the strangest variants and possibly one of the strangest aircraft in general.

The triangle functions as a rotating wing with special winglets that brings the 104 up in the sky
vertically and when forward speed had been achieved the triangle wing was locked for horizontal flight.

If the CCV recycles a tail section, the Doppelrumpf goes even further and recycles a whole aircraft.

This variant can sustain the same high speed interception capabilities as other variants, but manages to work effectively against ground targets.

The F-104G HA (High Altitude) have to ramjet engines strapped in the wings.

This version goes back to the original idea of the starfighter being a high-speed interceptor.
When the Ramjet engines are active it gives and enormous boost to the aircraft.
This version is not for dogfight, is to hunt down even the speediest bombers.

That’s all for now. Derived from the F-104 there was made a lot of interesting studies, so more variants are to be expected, but they will be left for other time.

After all this, what’s your favorite variant?

Note1: Only some of these variants will be added in this update and those with special functions will be left to when these functions are properly implemented in the game.

Note2: This update may take one or two days to become available.

On a closing note:
Following the addition of this aircrafts now is time to for the updates to focus more in the core mechanics.
So expect the next updates to bring some news, as the main goals are to add the skirmish mode and add a more functional system for the management of the skins of the aircrafts.
But it is not all, these last weeks have been rich in suggestions, so a lot of them will be implemented as well.

Finally, the current documentation for modding the game is still scarce, but if you are looking for something not yet available, don’t hesitate in request it. It will be made available as fast as possible.

  • Fixed respawning with empty rockets
  • Fixed the right D-pad button
  • Fixed the appearance of the damage model after respawning

  • Added XF-104
  • Added YF-104A
  • Added F-104A
  • Added F-104B
  • Added F-104C
  • Added F-104D
  • Added F-104G
  • Added F-104S
  • Added F-104S/ASA
  • Added F-104S/ASA M
  • Added NF-104
  • Added F-104G-CCV
  • Added F-104 VTOL
  • Added F-104G Doppelrumph
  • Added F-104G HA

Stay tuned, more reports

7 Replies to “Report 022: Starfighter”

  1. Does this make the F-104 the champion of having the most variants, or does the MiG-29 still hold that title?
    I didn’t think I’d see so many Starfighters, it’s amazing.

    1. Yes, the F-104 holds the title for now.

      As it stands now:
      [1º] F-104-> 15 variants
      [2º] MiG-29-> 11 variants
      [3º] F-16-> 5 variants
      [4º] F-15-> 4 variants
      [5º] J35-> 3 variants

      It will be difficult for any aircraft to steal the title, but I believe with time the F-16 will definitely surpass the F-104

      1. Oh indeed it would. It has about as many variants of technology demonstrators alone as there are Starfighters in this Report. There’s the many Block variants that came up throughout its operational history, upgrade projects, specialized variants (Faux A-10, Wild Weasel, Recon, etc.), offshoots of the F-16 that came from some of those tech demonstrators (Agile Falcon -> Mitsubishi F-2); it’s an understatement to say that they’ve done a lot with the F-16.

  2. I wonder which source do you get those radical prototype variants from. I know I once saw some pictures of F-16 FSW, but I never seen such F-104 variants ever before :O

  3. Just realized that some experimental F-104 variants hasn’t made it out yet. Are you saving the VTOL variant for the time VTOLs are introduced? And I think F-104HA could be released already since it could simply copy the special ability of NF-104’s rocket boost.

  4. I like your personification of the F-104 at the bottom. If I’m right, the shout-out is to Touhou, right? Just a guess but, I can feel it… You know, Marisa. Just a guess or a coincidence… Anyway, nice game. Too bad I can’t get in the pool right now. So, waiting is the only option, except for Open Beta.

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