Report 021: More aircrafts, more control

This report contains the 0.195 and 0.196 updates.

While the F-104 is still in development, it can be already expected that it will result be a really big report, because of that, the next report it will be solely dedicated to that aircraft.
But there some improvements in the game during this development and there was also some time to add new aircrafts, new mechanics and also time to address some of the suggestions.

These aircrafts are not completely new, but instead they are variants of the existing ones:

Starting with the MiG-21-93:

The MiG-21-93 is a further modernization of the MiG-21 family, even surpassing the MiG-21Bis version that it is in the game

It can be distinguished from the bis version because it hats a more bubble type canopy and the flare dispensers visible from the top.

Other aircraft to be added is the J 35D:

This one is a downgrade in comparison to the existing versions already added to the game.

The J 35D is very similar to the J 35F or J 35J, the main difference is although if as weaker electronics it was the last Draken with two Machine guns. (currently is the only “official” aircraft with more than one sub-weapon)

Now moving on to the F-16s.
The F-16 family has an extensive list of variants, some were added in this report, but much more will be added in future reports.

The F-16A is very similar to the F-16C (the only version present in the game until now)

The visual differences are subtle, they can be told apart mostly by the difference in performance of the electronics

The next aircraft is also a down grade version:

If the F-16A is a downgrade version of the F-16C, the YF-16 is a downgrade of the F-16A and it is also the root of all the f-16 family.

(This color scheme it isn’t the most common for this aircraft, but that scheme is included in the game files)

Now that we reached the root, we can move forward to other variants:

The CCV version was a prototype to test the increased agility due to the addition of canards near the intake.

These canards helps the plane being more reactive than the other versions available, however as it is a conversion of the YF-16 his electronics are also the weakest in the family.

And finally the last variant of the F-16 to be added in this report:

This version was a concept that was never built, because of that it is not really much seen in the media.

(This aircraft like many other that will be added that were never build, are an interpretation based in information that sometimes can be scarce and contradictory. So, some differences in comparison to the true real concept are to be expected)

The F-16 FSW like the su-47 can make sharp turn, however the speed bleed is higher than the other aircrafts.
(In future updates it will be added a mechanic that damages the aircraft if it sustains too much stress by making sharp turns at high speeds)

And the last aircraft:

Some of you may be really familiar to this version…

Some word of caution, it may take a little time to get used to the F-15B Active, as it is more responsive than the other aircrafts due to the canards and thrust vector engines.

(Note: the su-47 specs were also revised to follow the same standards as the F-16 FSW and F-15B Active)

And a closing note:
It has been a month since the release of Vector Thrust in alpha funding and the reactions of all of you were extremely positive.
So, thank you for all your feedback and suggestions, as they are helping a lot in making the Vector thrust even better.
There is still a lot to do with the game, but the progresses of the next month will try to offer more content and add more relevant mechanics than this one.
And like always, feel free to express your opinion about the game, it can be either good or bad, but either way, always looking forward to hear your opinion


  • Fixed crash when playing with P-42 and F-15 Streak Eagle in “Doppelganger Battle” Mission
  • Fixed various visibility issues after respawning
  • Added the possibility to add multiple sub weapons
  • Fixed sub object issues in free for all missions
  • Fixed hud visibility after respawning
  • Added trigger to check unit used
  • Added trigger to check weapon used
  • Added trigger to check skin used
  • Added Fire only when lock condition for weapons
  • Added the ability to regenerate Ammo
  • Added the ability to regenerate health
  • Added the ability to decay health
  • Added the ability to Instant hit with a weapon


  • Added MiG-21-93
  • Added J 35D
  • Added F-16A Block 5
  • Added YF-16
  • Added YF-16/CCV
  • Added F-16 FSW
  • Added F-15B ACTIVE


Stay tuned, more reports will follow

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