Vector Thrust Alpha Released

After a few months of public development, this report marks an important milestone in the development of the Vector Thrust. From now on it will be possible for those who support the project and be able to play the alpha.

This will have additional importance from here on, because the development will give additional attention to players feedback.

Without further ado lets talk about the game:

  • Arcade style gameplay in PC while being as faithful as possible to the real specs;
  • Very Low pc requirements; (it can be played in a pc powered by a running turtle )
  • Fully moddable game content; (campaigns, missions, units, weapons, menus and more)
  • Adaptive AI, they act accordingly to the weapons unit and mission they are given;
  • Exclusive access to the Debug Mode with the ability to take over and control every unit in the field; (only available while in alpha phase)

  • Skirmish mode;
  • Arcade mode and other quick to play modes;
  • Playing with every unit in the game;
  • Dynamic weather and time with influence in the game play;
  • Squad Management & control, issue orders and missions for all your allies;
  • And more;

A Campaign with 6 missions and one extra for the battle scenario. (It is less than initial expected, but that isn’t really a problem considering how easily is to make missions. Also it will be added more missions in frequent updates)

Note at this point it’s possible to make and play campaigns from start to finish. With the ability to unlock/buy/sell planes and weapons.

As stated before, the game menus are purely functional, however game play is a very developed aspect of the game.

Also something to take in consideration, the current campaign hardly uses half of the content available, so for those who want to make their own missions, they will have more to work with.

As an alpha, in this fist release, there is little variety in ground objects, and some objects act as placeholders, but they will be replaced for the final models as they will became available.

After this release, updates will follow every week for free.

Most of the effects for now are generic and some are placeholders, they will be immediately improved in next updates.The same thing applies to maps; they will be improved and detailed as development progresses.

In this these updates expect new missions, units, weapons, and successive tweaking in the gameplay and missions as more mechanics became available.

As for game mechanics, the updates that will be added in the following weeks will be:

  • Skirmish Mode.
  • Helicopter units.
  • Stealth.
  • Conversion pack.
  • Bay doors.

And after these additions the price will rise a little bit, an from here on, whenever a group of relevant features are added (to see more what will be the upcoming features, go to report-017)

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
CPU with 1Ghz
GPU: 128 MB DirectX®–compliant, Shader 2.0–enabled video card
Ram 500Mb
Hard-disk space 500mb
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c

CPU: Dual Core 2.67 Ghz
Ram: 2gb
Gpu: 500Mb

There will be a slight change in future reports, it will be added more emphasis in the addition/changes in gameplay as now it will be possible for everyone to experience these changes.

For those that were expecting a demo, unfortunately it won’t be available for now. Playing the game is exclusive for those who pre-order the game.

Also for those who like to try the demo to check if it works properly in their pc, the game has very low system requirements, but in case of any incompatibility please use the Support in forums and your issue will be immediately attended.

For everyone interested in supporting this project and are not used how alpha funding works, please do not expect a completed game. There is a lot to be improved, especially menus, including the addition of more content (missions, units and weapons), but in terms of gameplay the game is already very polished and the user is able add any content and change every aspect of the game.

##SITENAME## Digital Distribution

Tutorials will follow shortly, explaining how to add/change the game content.

And finally, feel free to share your opinion, what you liked and don’t liked and also to make your suggestions about the game.

PS: it was only after publishing that was noticed that a texture from the gun muzzles was missing; it will be fixed in the next update that will be available in just a few days.

And finally regardless if you want to support now the game or latter, thank you for all who have been commenting or following the game up till now. And for those who support, hope you’ll enjoy this alpha, and looking forward to hear from you.

Stay tuned, more reports will follow

15 Replies to “Vector Thrust Alpha Released”

  1. F YEAH !

    Still no release on Desura for me. :w
    … well i guess I ‘ll call it a day then…

    Oh and yay for the tutorials. 😀

  2. Just my thought, anyway after you made some progress, will you create a special, free version with more limited contents and less mod supports (some sort of ‘trial version’), to attract some more potential customers?

  3. More importantly, will you include something like UI-based mission/campaign editor?

    Or even UI-based plane/weapon stats modifier?

    1. One of the reasons the editors are being left for later is to avoid rebuilding the editor every time a new improvement in the rules or units gameplay. (As it happens almost in a daily basis)

      Also considering there are several features that remain to be added that will impact significantly the gameplay, it would be best if the editor was built after this features were implemented

      However if modding and making mission for users proves to be difficult by just using the .ini files it will be given priority for the editor and it will be available as soon as possible .

  4. I’d like to know; is it allowed to record gameplay and put it on Youtube or other? Of course, properly indicating the alpha version so people know it’s not the final game… :).

    1. You really didn’t need to ask, of course you are allowed to.

      And you are not obligated to give any information about the game, however if you do, it will be greatly appreciated.

      But anyway, thanks for asking.

      1. Of course I will tell about the game; this is the only way it’s gonna become known, or else people will still thin AC Assault Horizon will be the “grave” of flight sim/air combat games. You and your team made an incredible work ( I alraedy figured out how to mod planes and stuff ), and it would be a shame the alpha kickstarted wouldn’t work. This project has to live on! really!
        ( The video I spoke about will soon be available on my Youtube channel, my username is elliswolf; I will eventually make video tutorials on how to mod planes with the INI files, because I already figured how they work. The way the data are organized and set-up is incredibly well done, clear and easy to understand :).

  5. So I finally played the game a bit and I have a few suggestions.
    -adding an alert when you have a conflict in the command ( like 2 command for the same button).
    -fixing some case in the hangar where you can’t see the stats of the planes nor the prices and your current ammount of money.
    -same story for the briefing image. :/
    -I dunno if it’s just me but I feel the planes have a lot of inertia which makes controlling your planes very hard.
    -the in-game events freeze the game for like 10s at best or … until your plane crashes at worst…
    – “custom”, not “costum” 😀
    – I failed mission 2 but I can still do the third mission ?
    – the AA gun should make more noise to make the low more impressive.
    -can you add more comments on the .ini s ? I have trouble understanding what stuff like nMissionIsTGT mean, what’s the difference between an object and an actor, etc…

    Oh and… FailIsVictory ! I want moar special rules ! 😀

    1. -Roger! That type of alert will be added
      -The next update will already have some issues with the shop fixed
      -the issue of the missing briefing image will be fixed as soon as possible
      -The current aircrafts specs are not final; they will be tweaked as the development progresses
      -Most of the game freezes are from the spawning a type of unit for the first time. As some resources are not fully loaded at start, they are loaded only when they are required, thus making the game stops for a moment. In future versions will be added an option to force load everything that will be used in the missions. (one way to bypass that issue for now, is to spawn enemies right from start, and activate them only when required, however it only works in ground units and the player can destroy them if he knows their position)
      -Damn Typos!!! (There may be more, especially in the. ini files)
      – The issue of the missions in the campaigns is being taken care.
      -Sounds will also be improved in the future.
      -As for the .ini it will be added a manual right beside the template to help understanding what the parameters mean. It the next days it will be also posted tutorials explaining in detail how everything works

      Lol feel free to suggestions for more special rules.

  6. Anyway, I wonder if we actually can make our own briefing video or so (I know one or two game could do such)?

    Oh, and include ECM/targetting pods as a separate ‘weapon’ instead of already built-in strapped to the plane’s mesh (i.e from what I saw the F-15E appears to have the pods strapped on its mesh)?

    1. About the briefing video, if I understood right, yes you can add a video to be the briefing and skip the one that is normally used.

      In the next update, (that is almost ready to be uploaded) it will be added an alternative model for the F-15E without the ECM/targetting pods attached.

  7. Hey, how about making a forum to make talks & discussion easier (and not relying too much to indiedb’s forum)?

    1. Yes, it was great to see the game there!
      About the forum, it would be interesting to have an official forum independent from the moddb/indiedb, unfortunately I don’t have much expertise in that matter.

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