Alpha release delayed

In the last few weeks, the development was silent and lacking in updates.

This was to give us the chance to focus entirely in the development and polish needed for the alpha release. However, this work revealed itself to be too much for the appointed release target of June 20th.

The reason for the delay is that the addition and testing of all content took more time than expected. And at this moment there is still some content that, although not critical for this release, we feel that should be added in order to give more options to the modding community.

Also, it’s impossible to make a last minute release because Desura need some days so they can setup the release.

We would like to ease everyone that was anticipating this release, as this will only be a one week delay marking  the new release date to June 27th.

We also take this opportunity to add a new gameplay video of one of the first missions that will be present in the alpha.

13 Replies to “Alpha release delayed”

  1. 20? I thought it was 30? :V

    Anyway, the lack of thurster’s heat effect during idle/normal throttle is somewhat….weird

    Or is it just me? :\

    1. You thought it was 30? In that case it wasn’t a delay. =)

      But yes, you are right, it lacks the heat effect. When I was recording I assumed it was in the highest settings, it was only after uploading I noticed it didn’t have any special effect active.

  2. Damn Damn 😛 I expected Metal Gear Solid HD on Vita to release on the 28th in Europe, and now Vector Thrust one day before! There is a lot of things happening around that date now o.O I’ll have a plethora of games to play now! Which one should I play first?
    Still… This project here is unprecedented ;). I’m glad it finally exists, I can wait another week without problems :). “Better late than sorry”, right?

  3. Also, I noticed that some of the manoevers in the video were like using pressure-sensitive inputs; was it played with a controller ( the airbrakes, most especially ) ? I guess from an Ace Combat point of view, it’d be a PS2 or PS3/Sixaxis cnotroller?

    1. Yes, it was recorded using a controller, but it was used the Xbox controller.

      The current layout is identical to Ace Combat, but you can use any controller you like as the keys can be fully mapped.

  4. I still hoping to see if you will release some… super weapons for the “vanilla” version or if we will be able to create tunnels levels

    I mean, it’s almost the signature of the Ace Combat serie and it’s cool as hell !

    1. The levels don’t have any kind of restriction so yes; it’s possible to recreate the tunnel levels from Ace.

      About the vanilla version, being also an Ace Combat fan, you may find something interesting if you look into the folders.

      It’s not much, as testing and having everything ready for the release is consuming all the time available.
      But later, it will be added missions that may serve as an example to recreate the most famous levels from the Ace series.

  5. Anyway, is it possible to modify the HUD in the 1st release version? The vanilla HUD somehow looks…bland.

    1. Yes, it’s very bland actually, at the moment I’m closing the first release to give the desura time to approve the game. But, right after this I’ll be working in the next update that will be available just a few days after the release.

      But in that update the HUD can be improved. Do you have any suggestions? What is the game that has the hud you like the most? Can you tell me why?

      (other people feel free to make their suggestions)

      In the current version the hud is static, but in the future it will be possible to reskin it or change the layout.

  6. Well, for me; the best HUD example is AC5 & Zero, combined with futuristic AC3-style.

    Non arcade flight-sim wise, I like PS2-era Armored Core HUD design, but I think it doesn’t seems to fit with jets.

    Also, do the dials & displays in cockpit view works like in HAWX?

    1. Currently the cockpit is just a static model.
      But about the HUD, it will be worked on ASAP to be available in the first update.

      When the ability to custom HUD becomes available, be made in order to be flexible enough to be able to recreate the HUD AC.

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