Report 017: Cockpit & Release Date

After a succession of requests from various users asking for the cockpit view, it was clear that this view would definitely had to be available immediately in the first release.
So this week was focused only towards the development of this view.

The three available views:







For now, only the F-16 has cockpit view, but the other aircrafts and following additions will have their respective cockpits as quickly as possible.

There is also the possibility to add a fourth view, another cockpit view, but more distant to the panels thus having a more clear view of the soundings

It’s still possible to look around in the cockpit view:

The date has been set; it will be in June 20!

The main reason of the release being delayed up this point, was to be able to offer a game that even in the first alpha release has already the main key elements implemented.
In the current version, it is possible to make/play campaigns from start to end as well as adding any kind of user made content.

This was to reduce the risk of the alpha supporters, a game fully playable without the supporters having to wait weeks or months for main gameplay elements to be implemented.

  • A solid game engine capable of recreating almost all the missions that other games of the genre have.
  • Campaign mode (including the ability to start a new campaign but keeping all weapons and aircrafts that were previously unlocked).
  • Free mission mode.
  • Battle scenario mode.
  • Multiple difficulty levels (defined per campaign).
  • Fully customizable game content. (campaigns, missions, units, weapons, menus and more)
  • 10~20 missions.
  • 20~30 flyable airplanes. (beware, many of them are variants, so this number can be misleading)
  • Efficient and adaptable AI, capable of automatically adjusting the behavior considering the characteristics of unit and weapon it uses.
  • Exclusive access to the Debug Mode with the ability to take over and control every unit in the field (only available while in alpha phase).
  • and more…

(Until the alpha is released more content and features may be added, so the official list will only be available in the day of the release)

  • Functionally over design (in the HUD and menus).
  • Few maps.
  • No vegetation (it is already possible to add, but it had to placed individually. Too time consuming, it will only be present when a more effect method is available).
  • The main campaigns are not yet in the game.
  • No collision between ground units.
  • Few story elements.
  • Possible some bugs.

Highest priority (things that likely be available in the next weeks after the alpha release):

  • Skirmish Mode.
  • Helicopter units.
  • Stealth.
  • Conversion pack.
  • Bay doors.

High priority:

  • In game cut-scene
  • Squad/group AI behavior
  • Squad management & control
  • Vegetation

Medium priority:

  • Landing & takeoff.
  • Carrier unit (fully workable).
  • Submarine unit.
  • Arcade mode.
  • Visual novel like cut-scene.
  • Countermeasures.
  • Jamming.
  • Humanoid unit.
  • Allow to create missions for any type of unit.
  • In game editor.
  • Day & night cycle.
  • Multiple weapons for ground units.
  • Mission branching by in menu choices (i.e. in briefing).

Low Priority:

  • Laser weapons.
  • Munitions dispenser Weapons.
  • Standoff dispenser weapons.
  • Support units (Buff & debuff other units).
  • Menu Based travel system.
  • Weather influence.
  • Day light influence.
  • Temperature influence.
  • Challenge mode.
  • Destroyable projectiles.
  • Remote controllable projectiles.
  • In game photo shot mode.
  • Night vision.
  • Offensive/defensive upgrades for units.
  • Set different weapons for ground units.

(Note that small additions or improvements are not listed here, for example, redesigning de menu/huds)

The list above is what’s expected to be added in the game. It is not listed in order of implementation and lower priority elements may be added before the highest being completely cleared.
Also, most of this list is expected to be implemented in a year of deployment regardless how successful the alpha funding may turn out to be.

In case of a successful alpha funding, more production values will be added to the deployment allowing faster content & features development, with the possibility of expanding the game beyond what its listed here.

The goal, is to make this game as a reference for arcade flight sims on the PC, but there is a will to be more than that, another goal is to make a full warfare engine capable of delivering mods such as space battles of epic scale or fast paced robot action with little to no effort required from the mod makers.

  • Added cockpit view.
  • Improved Skins & Materials management.

  • Added F-16C Block30 Cockpit.

Stay tuned, more reports will follow

13 Replies to “Report 017: Cockpit & Release Date”

  1. Another ‘nice’ question: Is the Alpha version going to be free download, or like Starfarer & so; ‘to download the alpha you must pre-order the game’?

    Nice to see the Alpha is going to be released very soon, though.

    1. I think the “In case of a successful alpha funding, more production values will be added” part, pretty much answer your question.

  2. Also, is the ‘pit file in a seperate file? (like in Strike Fighters series, so that other aircraft can use an existing ‘pit in the most simple way)

    1. If you mean if the cockpit model is a separate model from the aircraft, then yes, it is possible to duplicate the same cockpit and use it in other aircrafts.

  3. Do you have any leads for possible ways of delivery of the alpha version and revisions? I know the folks of WolFire Games with their project called “Overgrowth” use a custom, homemade updater / downloader project and the alpha is already available. Are you going to do the same as them, or use programs like Steam, or others?
    Still, thank you for all the dreams you are building in a domino-effect in all the minds of Ace Combat fans I have seen ^.^

    1. First of all, I wish to thank you and all the other followers of this project for the support.

      The initial plan is to make all the delivery system (game and updates) with the use of the Desura client, Desura has a very interesting alpha program and a very stable client, which it makes us believe that is the most cost efficient solution.
      This decision was also done considering the fact that making a custom client would take time, time that would be better applied on developing the game.
      In comparison to a custom made uploader, via Desura in the worst case, may take a day or two for a updates to became available after the report is released, but in the other hand the Desura client is easy to use allowing more time to be spent on improving the game between each update.

      1. Good to know! I will definitely purchase the pre-order; or at least, it alraedy seems like I really want to. For me, this is going to be like the Ace Combat 7 that may never exist. But my biggest wish isn’t for just an “ace combat 7” that exists against all odds, but because it’s moddable, and I love modding games to no end. I had no hope until your project arrived and made hope burn in many many people’s hearts, i think. Me included :).

      2. Wait a minute, who are you refering to by “us” ? I thought timesymmetry was a “one-man team”.

      3. Currently timesymmetry is a one-man team, but in this project there are several people helping in many ways, that’s why it is often said “us” in consideration to those persons.

    1. The price was supposed to be announced just before the release, but it has already been decided and it will be no problem in announcing it now.

      It will cost 8.99€.

      Also, the price is expected to rise a little whenever a group of features has been completed (like the highest priority group) and a significant amount of content has been added.

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