Report 016: Cosmetic improvements

It has been a while.
In the last report it was mentioned that in the following it should be a gameplay video. However during implementation it became evident that the video should be delayed a bit more to include more relevant additions.

Some of those are in this report; these additions are essentially aesthetic improvements, except one that is fairly important, that is to remain a “corpse” after the unit is destroyed. (So no more instantly disappearing ships after being destroyed)

Before that, it was added another SAM unit, this addition was also suggested by dhannemon13:

It is the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, this unit is different from other SAM units that are already in the game because the Avenger doesn’t need to be deployed in order to fire. This adds the possibility to fire on the move, making the Avenger a very useful unit for escort missions.

Based on a Humvee, the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger plays an important role as last line of defense along with units equipped with AA guns. Because its an agile SAM, it also means that it is more suited for ambushes and helicopter take downs than countering high speed fighters.

 Can fire while moving
 Fire-and-forget missiles
 Low effective range

A shot of AN/TWQ-1 Avenger in game:
Keeping the birds away

The AN/TWQ-1 Avenger uses FIM-92 Stinger is surface–to-air missile. Most known to be used as personal portable shoulder fired missile. His short effective range only allows it to be used as point-defense weapon.

Here is a quick comparison of some Anti air units currently in the game:

Red: Patriot Launcher
Blue: S-125 Launcher
Green: Type81 Launcher
Magenta: AN/TWQ-1 Avenger
Orange: M163 A1 VADS

As it is demonstrated here, the patriot is capable of intercepting targets at very long range and even at the lower levels of the stratosphere. The S-125 has a very good range and can safely engage lower performance aircrafts before their weapons are in range. The other three, as stated before, are only useful to point defense.

Being a variation of the same chassis, it was also added the M1114 as a Reconnaissance vehicle:

The M1114 HMMWV, a well armored and agile four-wheeled vehicle.

 Good mobility
 Multipurpose chassis
 Small silhouette
 Limited firepower

A shot of M1114 in game:

This was the only content new in this report, as for the new aesthetic improvements:

Albedo is the effect caused by the reflection of the light sun by the earth surface.

The intensity an color coming from below depends of the type of terrain and the current height of the object

Here are some examples with and without this effect:

F-15E over a desert:

Left with albedo effect off and right with albedo effect on.

P-42 at high altitude (30 000m)
Almost a space ship, unfortunately it can’t stay at this height for longTrying to see his house from there
Left with albedo effect off and right with albedo effect on.

It is not visible in these images, but as the aircrafts climbs, the ambient light starts to back-out making the shadowed areas pitch back. But thanks to the albedo effect, the aicraft has an additional light source coming from the reflection bellow.

(Note: it is still possible to turn off the albedo effect in the display options)

This mechanic is still a work in progress and so it’s being presented here more like a preview.

Currently, the main use of this is, to automatically set the sun position in the map at the exact time at is stated in the mission briefing. So without changing the map it is possible to make different missions at different time of day.
(For now it doesn’t consider the latitude and longitude)

The player when making a mission or map will be able to define the exact time it is played and if the time flows, including adjusting the speed (a day can be real 10 minutes, or real 24 hours)

An example of the current day & night cycle:

(Note1: in this scene there were no clouds or lens flare to better view the sun motion)
(Note2: in the present version, the different light conditions are purely aesthetical and doesn’t change weapons and vehicles performance)

It still has a lot to be done in this system, for now only serves as proof of concept to the whole mechanic.
Later this system will be further improved with adding also the possibility to influence the performance of units and weapons.

Up to till now, every unit including structures that were destroyed was instantly removed from the game world. Although to small units was forgivable, to large ships and buildings was a very awkward result.
This was one of the most important factors for a new game play video to be delayed.

Now that has been added every unit can leave a “corpse” behind, this system is very flexible and allows a variety of possibilities

An in game shot of a destroyed M113 A3:

(Note: Is still possible to overkill a target and pulverize the all the remains.)

This system was mostly implemented in the previous report, but it wasn’t explained very well.
Many ground units have the possibility of deploying (some to improve accuracy, others as a requirement to be able fire).
Every unit can have his own characteristic deployment; some need to stop to deploy and for others is a way to store de cannon giving them more agility.

An example of the type 81 being deployed:

Deployed. Ready to fire. But no ammo in the launchers.

The deployment system in the game is ambiguous, meaning it can have a different function for every unit. For example, the Patriot launcher e Type81 need deployment to fire but for other units the deployment may be a state to increase/decrease top speed, turn rate, fire rate, defense or others.

  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added to reference individual units by script.
  • Added Albedo Effect
  • Added Deployment system
  • Added Corpse system

  • Added AN/TWQ-1 Avenger
  • Added M1114 HMMWV
  • Added FIM-92 Stinger Missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow

6 Replies to “Report 016: Cosmetic improvements”

  1. Another classic question: Will it have replay mode? More importantly, if yes, then can we edit & save our own replays?

    1. At this time, there isn’t any type of replay mode planned. However, there still is the possibility to be added, but it won’t be any time soon.
      Also, now with the report 017, you can more easily see what will be added in the game in the near future.

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