Report 012: AA guns

With the latest weapon additions, our aircrafts developed an overwhelming advantage against ground forces.
So, in our ground operations exercise, there wasn’t any real threat to the air units. To balance that issue, we started to deploy Self-propelled anti-aircrafts guns.

The first AA-gun added it was the Sidam 25:

A tracked vehicle mounted with an AA gun operated by an optical fire control system.

Although not heavy armored, it is a reliable weapon against low flying aircrafts. The Sidam 25 is a complete turret unit, with four 22mm Oerlikon-Contraves cannon, optical sights, low-light video sights, laser rangefinder and fire control computer. This fitted into the rood of a standard M113 APC.

 Medium fire range
 Optic fire control
 Only protected from small arms fire
 No radar guidance

In game shot of the Sidam 25:

As previously mentioned, the Sidam 25 use the M113 as base model. So it was not wasted the opportunity of also deploying the M113 unit:

The M113 is an armored personnel carrier, it is highly mobile but lack protection and reliability. Still, it is a very versatile vehicle and served as a chassis for a wide variety specialist versions.

This version is the A3, comparing to other versions, it includes external fuel tanks, spall liners, steering yoke and more powerful engine.

It is easily identified by the large fuel tanks on each side of the rear ramp.

(Note: for now, in game there is no actual usefulness for unarmed APCs, they only serve as moving targets)

 Good mobility and amphibious
 Chassis adaptable to many roles
 Cannot keep up with tanks
 Limited level of protection

In game shot of the M113 A3:

The addition of the Sidam was sufficient for now, however, after browsing the list of other units that use the M113 as a base model. We took the opportunity to request the deployment of another AA gun for or Close air support trainings:

The M163 is a M113 fitted with a six barrel Gatling gun similar to that is used for the F-16 fighter aircraft.

Also known as the Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS), the effectiveness against air units is somewhat smaller compared to the Sidam, despite that, it can be a good unit against soft skinned ground targets

 High rate of fire
 Effective in ground support
 Limited effective range
 No radar guidance

In game shot of the M163 A1:

After playing a lot with high explosives and thermobaric weapons, our pilots requested other types of warheads.

Their request was already in our schedule, and weapons with incendiary type of warheads were promptly added to their disposal:

The first incendiary weapon added was the BLU-27B, it is napalm bomb that spreads the fire to a wide range.

Currently for:

The MK-77 is a newer kind of incendiary tank to replace the napalm bombs. The lack stabilizing fins makes it acquire a tumbling motion on being dropped that contributes to the scattering of the combustible gel over a long line.
Currently for:

The Zab-500V can be considered similar to the BLU-27B.

Currently for:

The ZB-500PT is an incendiary tank, and the small stabilizers fins don’t prevent it to acquire the tumbling motion like the Mk-77, causing the desirable long line of fire.

Currently for:

(Note: incendiary tanks usually produce a longer line of fire compared to the incendiary bombs)

In game shot of a F-15E using a MK-77 bomb:

  • Added Meta Data System
  • Added Battle Scenario Mode
  • Added Incendiary warhead Type

  • Added Sidam 25 Vehicle
  • Added M113A3 Vehicle
  • Added M163A1 Vehicle
  • Added BLU-27B weapon
  • Added MK-77 weapon
  • Added Zab-500V weapon
  • Added Zb-500PT weapon

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

6 Replies to “Report 012: AA guns”

  1. Uh, and what is this Battle Scenario mode? Some sort of skirmish mode or so?

    And will this game has a dynamic campaign mode? I mean, the standard scripted/linear campaign and dynamic campaign are different modes.

    1. The Battle Scenario mode is for standalone missions. It is useful if you want to recreate a specific battle or an independent mission.
      In comparison with the Campaign mode, the biggest advantage of this mode is the possibility of adding unique missions without having to set up a series of campaign parameters only for this.

      About the campaign mode, it is only scripted for now, but a dynamic campaign system may pop out in the future

      In the next update it will be explained in more detail the Battle Scenario and other game modes.

    1. Yes, it will be possible to play with ground units. But VT is a fighter aircraft game and for obvious reasons, the main focus is the gameplay of the aircrafts. However, our goal is to create the best immersive and believable experience, and for that we try to make the mechanics of every units (ground / air / sea) with the most detail and realism as possible

      With that in mind, the game engine will be ready to have any unit as playable, and the modders will easily be able to create missions for any type of unit.

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