Report 010: F-15

After the success of the last mission, our pilots returned home waiting for them a
nice present.
Their aircraft selection was increased, but this time was not one, but three new aircrafts.

The first one is F-15A Eagle is a twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter:

The F-15 Eagle is an air superiority fighter and is able to use a variety of air to air missiles, including the AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-120 AMRAAM with a six barrel 20mm Vulcan Gatling gun mounted internally.

The F-15 is an agile fighter due to its low wing load and high power to weight ratio with good dogfight capabilities.

 High speed
 Good maneuverability
 Large weapons load
 Large radar cross section
 Medium dogfight capability

In game shot of the F-15A:

Considering the F-15A is somewhat outdated to the current standards, it also has been added the F-15C, an improved single-seat all-weather air-superiority fighter.

The F-15C is a superior model of the F-15A with more powerful engines and electronics. Visually almost indistinguishable from the version A, however F-15C doesn’t have the turkey feathers in their afterburner nozzle covers.

The version C is the most common version and is now one of the most capable dogfighters and interceptors in our current selection.

In game shot of the F-15C:

In response to the next missions, as the focus is being shifted air-to ground operations. It also has been added to our selection the F-15E.

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a two seat strike fighter developed from the F-15 airframe. It is able to fire the same air to air missiles, but for the ground attack role the fuselage has been strengthened to carry twice the payload as the earlier versions. I can use a wide variety of air to ground weapons and it will serve as a test bed for the air to ground weapons that will be available in the future.

Unlike the other two versions, the F-15E is oriented air-ground operations and high speed interdiction missions.

It can be distinguished from other versions by the conformal fuel tanks mounted along the engine and the targeting pods underneath the intakes.

In game shot of the F-15E:

Taking advantage of the recent availability of the F-15E it was possible to implement and test the guided bombs system.

All is worked properly and effectively when was tested these new weapons:

GBU-10 a 2000 lb bomb based on MK 84, but is laser guided bomb with a higher striking accuracy that any dumb version.

GBU-12 is smaller than the GBU-10, based on the MK82 bomb. Although less powerful his compact size enables the aircraft to carry in more quantity.

The last guided bomb tested was the GBU-28. Unique to every other bomb previous used, this one has a very narrow blast radius, but earns the nickname of “Deep Throat” for his bunker busting capabilities, obliterating any structure regardless how reinforced it is.

  • Added Guided bombs system

  • Added F-15A aircraft
  • Added F-15C aircraft
  • Added F-15E aircraft
  • Added GBU-10 weapon
  • Added GBU-12 weapon
  • Added GBU-28 weapon

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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