Report 008: Bombing run

Following a previous report, the enemy continues to gather more ships in the fleet stationed in international waters.

The newer ship are Karel Doorman class frigates.

Like any other frigate, is not as powerful or as well armored as a destroyer class, nonetheless the Karel Doorman is a versatile multipurpose frigate.
It is relatively modern with the classical look, a value asset with a wide range of weapons, it can be used in a variety of operations and especially useful for escorting.

 Multipurpose capability
 Well armed
 Good mobility
 Limited air defense capability
 No stealth

Note that the Otobreda cannon can also be used as an anti-aircraft gun, firing powerful long range shells at 120 rounds per minute.

Some of the weapons that our pilots must be cautious about.

The harpoon is an anti-ship missile, the RGM version is for ground launch platforms and it can be used in both ships and ground vehicles.
This reliable weapon has unfortunately an average range compared to other similar weapons and even less when surface launched.

RIM-7 Sea Sparrow is an anti-air missile that acts as a point defense weapon, the version M and later models can be fitted in vertical launch systems.
In comparison with the air launched models they less effective, but its good range and fast speed impose a serious threat to any aircraft.

Considering the successive failed diplomatic attempts to disperse this fleet, it likely
will be needed the use of aggressive action in this matter. In anticipation to that,
preparations are currently being made for a joint operation in sinking these

More details about the operation and a video of the actual mission will be released
as soon it’s available.


Carpet bombing.

After the addition of bomb in your existing loadouts, it was observed that some of our pilots are performing carpet bombings to kill their targets.
Carpet bombing, opposed to precision bombing, is the sequential drop of unguided bombs in an extensive area.
Although usually are dropped small bombs, the amount of ammo released is enough to obliterate
anything in the explosion’s path.

It may be a very simple technique to execute, however to maximize the damage a lot of factors should be considered, as the aircraft speed, drop rate, explosions range and aircraft altitude.

To be able to perform carpet bombings, it is required to use a bomber or an aircraft with a large bomb rack. This is usually only available to smaller and less powerful bombs.
Currently the only fighter/attacker capable of this is the A-10A, carrying up to 12 bombs, more than enough to perform a long carpet.

Later will be added bomb racks for other compatible aircraft.

The worst of this is that some of our pilots are wasting large amounts of bombs to performing carpet bombings just to kill a single target.

So a word to all, don’t waste ammo, it may be cool, but even dumb bombs aren’t exactly cheap!

  • Upgraded Reactor Trail parameters
  • Improved Hud gun sight reticle
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Added movable turret system
The turret system is now fully working also with complete integration with the AI.
More improvements are needed for the AI to adapt to any limitations of the turret movements.

  • Added Karel Doorman Frigate
  • Added RGM-85D Harpoon missile
  • Added RIM-7M Sea Sparrow missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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