Report 005: First Armored units

This week is another week with no flight report, in its place, the focus directed to the lacking ground vehicles.

Till today, ground vehicles/objects were very underdeveloped in relation to the aerial objects, to fix that, (almost) all pilots stayed on ground and the mechanics worked in full power in our armored division.

To start, the first armor that added was the Abrams M1 A1:

The Abrams M1 A1 is a very versatile amour that excels both in his offensive and defensive capabilities.

+Well armored
+Great mobility
+Variety of upgrades available

A shot of the Abrams M1 A1 in game:

The Abrams belongs to the Main Battle tank category. This designation goes to the armored fighting vehicles with the purpose for front-line engagements and possesses great tactical offensive and defensive capabilities.

Other unit that was added was the PHZ 89:

PHZ 89 is a rocket artillery type that can keep up with main battle tanks in the field. His full armor protection is unusual for a multiple rocket launcher and the ability of carry additional ammo proves to be a valuable asset in the battlefield

+Well protected for a MRL
+Good off road mobility
+Carries second ammunition load
Limited firing range
Limited road and off road speed

A shot of PHZ 89 in game:

PHZ 89 can use a variety of 122mm spin stabilized rockets, each with different purpose and strategies. For now the only one tested was the standard High Explosive:

The Multiple Rocket Launcher is an artillery type of weapon system. In comparison with the howitzer type, the rocket type as more effective range, no recoil and faster salvo.

However, when firing they are easy to spot, but more importantly, it doesn’t match with the accuracy off the shell type artillery, because of that, it shouldn’t be used allies are in the targeted zone.

Another thing to note, as this was the first week to test the ground objects, the vehicles are still lack in some mechanics, for now, they act pretty much as static emplacements. Later it will be possible to attribute a variety of missions such as guarding, attacking and “search & destroy” nearby targets.

Other thing,
In response to previous request made by Hellome118, that suggested a B-52 being playable, it was made a very raw test in a battle scenario using exclusive the B-52.

In case a early release, this level will be included. Notice however, this level is a rough example of the bomber gameplay and it will only serve as a proof of concept, some mechanics are not yet implemented and the model is an early Lod and will not represent the final quality of the aircraft.

The first impressions of the bomber gameplay are:

  • very vulnerable to air units
  • with the exception of some special weapons, it uses mostly bombs.
  • low mobility and reaction times
  • Can’t climb vertically, at high angles loses a lot of speed and may stall
  • Difficult stall recovery

  • Added objects shadow
  • Added Ground object as game object
  • Added Ground Vehicle as a game object
  • Added Ground weapons system
  • Added Bombers as a playable class

  • Added Abrams M1 A1 Main Battle Tank
  • Added PHZ-89 Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • Added 122mm Rocket

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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