Report 004: Flying Dragon

As previous mentioned, in the next weeks it will be a close air support simulation to test the new ground ordinance against upcoming ground targets and vehicles.

For that simulation, the J 35 J Draken was selected to act as the aggressor fighter.
Although it is fighter/interceptor, the Draken is also a great plane for the attack role, his characteristic double delta wings offer great stability at low speed and also plenty of room for ammunition.

It may not be up to the current standards, like other more recent aircrafts, but it is a well-rounded fighter none the less.

As the Draken uses different electronics and weapons system, only the mark 80 bombs are compatible (up to mk 83), so new weapons were added and are now available.

Based in the AIM-9 Sidewinder, there isn’t much to say as it behaves identical as his parent (uses the same “Standard” role, being able to fire against ground and air targets)

The Rb 27 is an Air-to-Air Semi-active missile, like most of its genre the maneuverability is above normal but requires the pilot to keep the target in their steering circle.

This characteristic leaves the pilot vulnerable to attack if he wants the missile to connect the target and it is also inefficient at close range, because of the difficulty in keeping the enemy in sight.

A clear shot of a draken in a test flight:

A Draken firing an Rb 27 missile:

In other news related to the mechanics, now it is possible to play any mission if previous cleared in their respective campaign.
This mode is designated as “Free Mission”.

Other ongoing, not yet completed mode, is the addition of the “Battle scenario”, in resume, is a single mission campaign. Suited for recreating battles or other missions without the need of defining a lot of parameters exclusive to campaigns. Another use is to test new missions in development.
The battle scenarios will also share the same ability as the Campaigns of adding story or context information to the missions.

  • Added Free mission mode for campaigns
  • Added Battle Scenario Mode (not yet completed)

  • Added J35 J Draken
  • Added Rb 24 Missile
  • Added Rb 27 Missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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