Report 003: Fresh Weapons delivery

This week there is no flight report, instead, all the attention is placed in the new
weapons that just came in.
All the weapons added this week are missiles and are more oriented air-to-ground, more specifically, air-to-ship.
Also to better distinguish the weapons it has been attached a representation of its flight path.

To start off as a reference with the already added AGM-88 Harm:

The long curve of its flight trajectory make it more orientated for long range attacks as it becomes inefficient at close range or tracking fast targets.
Currently available for:

The Harpoon is a weapon specifically designed to sink naval targets with great tracking
power and precision, however as it flies very closely to the sea (+/- 5m) it
will be intercepted if it flies above rough terrain.
Also it may lose is effectiveness if fired at a very high angle to the target.
Currently available for:

A weapon similar to the Harpoon, yet it only flies close to the ground at a closer range and also the distance to the ground it is bigger.
Currently available for:

This version of the KH-31 is intended to ground targets, as in its path it flies at very high altitudes it makes it very effective against targets in mountainous terrains.

(Note: Although now it’s not fully functional, in the latter releases it will only track targets with radar waves emissions)
Currently available for:

Great against armored vehicles and in latter versions it will be possible to fire multiple missiles simultaneously.
Currently available for:

Very similar to the AGM-65B version, this version is for high penetration and but
can’t lock; it will aim to a laser designated spot emitted from the aircraft.
Currently available for:


Same as the type B, but designed especially for sea objects, either weapon can be used
to other types of ground targets, but the type F can behave poorly in land
targets and is more deadly in sea objects than the type B.
Currently available for:

For the last, a missile for the destroyer class. For now, the only unit available is the DDG-56 and it fires this missile vertically from its launch platforms, because of this, the missile makes an interesting behavior, as it climbs at certain altitude and then turns to the target. This kind of flight path has some pros and cons and its approach should be made with caution.

Some studies where made and it was possible to determine the hit probability of this path:

The height where the missile turns it is the most dangerous spot and it should be avoided at all cost. The brown zones are where the hit probability is the highest and the green zone is the lowest. However the green zone it is not completely a safe zone as the aircraft is vulnerable to the AA guns of the destroyer.

(Please note the image above symbolize the hit probability of a RIM-67A ER missile launched vertical against a flying object and does not consider the aircraft speed or characteristics, pilot skill or any evasive maneuvers)

  • Improved the weapons mounting system
  • Pylons and other mounts now have the matching skin of the aircraft
  • Improved Bomb system
  • Added missile track refresh rate

  • Added RIM-67 ER Missile
  • Added AGM-65B Missile
  • Added AGM-65E Missile
  • Added AGM-65F Missile
  • Added AGM-84 Missile
  • Added KH-31A Missile
  • Added KH-31P Missile

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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