Report 001: Destroyer fleet spotted

Earlier this week we have found a fleet of destroyers stationed in international waters.
One of our pilots flied close enough to have a clear shot.:


After some analysis, it was possible to identify the ship:
It was identified as a DDG-56 destroyer class.


It’s a powerful warship and can impose a great threat to our allied aircrafts, but we are still
not certain about its armament.

There are two possible loadouts:


Loadout A:
1xNaval gun 
Elevation Limits: -15/+65ª
Traverse Limits: 170º from center line
Range: 5000km

1xAnti-Air gun (fires from the warship itself)
Elevation Limits: No Limit
Traverse Limits: No Limit
Range: 2000km

1xAnti-Air/Anti-Ship Missile
Elevation Limits: No Limit
Traverse Limits: No Limit
Range: 7000km


Loadout B:
1xNaval gun 
Elevation Limits: -15º/+65º
Traverse Limits: 170º from center line
Range: 5000km

2xAnti-Air gun 
Elevation Limits: -10º/+80º
Traverse Limits: 150º from center line
Range: 2000km

2xAnti-Air/Anti-Ship Missile
Elevation Limits: No Limit
Traverse Limits: No Limit
Range: 7000km

Each weapon is Autonomous and the warship can acquire different targets simultaneous.

In the next reports we will have a clear conclusion about the armament. And also, it will be considered if each weapon can be targeted and destroyed individuality.
It is known that the destroyer class has the ability to carry helicopters, but for now, every destroyer that was spotted  didn’t had any helicopter docked. Currently that ability isn’t a priority, but will be further studied in the next reports.

in order to prepare for future battles, F-16C can now equip AGM-88 HARM missiles and LANTIRN target pod as a Long Range Air-to-Ground Missile.


Suited for long range engagements with high precision strikes, but the tracking system
is inefficient at close or against speed boats. Some aircrafts are already carrying this weapon just in case:

Other updates this week:

  • Added water reflection
  • Added Destroyer Class as a game object
  • Improved the accuracy of the player machine gun
  • Added delay in missile tracking after fire
  • Added the ability to special weapons attaching plug-ins to aircraft

  • Added DDG-56 destroyer class
  • Added AGM-88 HARM

More reports will follow after this.

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