Report 002: Hogs and Bombs

In order to assist the troops for the forthcoming joint exercise that will simulate a CAS operation, it was decided that for that task there was no better choice than the A-10A.

It is not the fastest or the most agile aircraft, but certainly is tough enough to withstand heavy fire from the enemy. This crude but reliable aircraft is a excellent choice for ground operations, adding more variety to our selection of fighters.
the Pave Penny can be removed.

Unfortunately the current electronics are not ready to use several types of weapons. But this week our mechanics worked hard and now our aircraft can use dumb bombs. The system still has some issues, but the bombs work effectively in destroying ground targets.So, now it is possible to use the Mark 80 bombs in the A-10A and F-16C. The other aircrafts will be able to use their respective bombs later.

Mark 81 – 250 lb bomb
Mark 82 – 500 lb bomb
Mark 83 – 1000 lb bomb
Mark 84 – 2000 lb bomb

As the bombs vary in power and weight, it’s up to the pilot if he wants to sortie with a lot of ammo or with a lot of destruction power.

An A-10A using Mark 84 bombs:

An A-10A using Mark 81 bombs:

A shot of A-10A with bombs armed (note: HUD is still incomplete)

  • Added bombs system
  • Added Unguided Bombs as a weapon
  • Added the ability to attach more than one projectile per hard-point

  • Added A-10A fighter
  • Added Mk 80 series of unguided bombs

Stay tuned, more reports will follow.

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