TimeSymmetry is an independent game development studio based in Braga, Portugal. The company was founded in 2011 by Cláudio Rodrigues. Currently is a two man team and focus on small quantity and high quality game productions for PC.

Vector Thrust

Vector Thrust is a Fast pace cel shading flying action.

The game aims to offer a variety of game modes from more quick action oriented an immersive story based campaign where the player can acquire new planes as he progresses.

The player has full power over the game in order to tweak, edit or mod every aspect of the game. Adding custom skins, changing a parameter of a unit or creating full-blown battle scenarios is easy and open to anyone.

Above all, Vector Thrust also delivers a tactical, intelligent AI, where every unit works to complete his mission in a dynamic ever-changing battlefield that is never played the same way twice.


  • Stay engaged from dawn until dusk and beyond with many single and multiplayer game modes.
  • Keep coming back for more with 13 missions via a series of campaigns.
  • Unlock over 260 aircraft through a simple yet competitive Challenge Mode, which includes 170 challenges.
  • Pit yourself against advanced tactical AI that responds to the world around it.
  • Clash against titanic aerial fortresses and super-weapons.
  • Duel with a myriad of Ace fighter squadrons, each with their own unique combat strategies.

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Battle Tiers: Invasion

About the game:

Battle Tiers Invasion is a fast paced 3D Shooter, focusing in intense action and balanced strategic game play. Based on a classic style, player vs many, were Player fight off with a powerful tank an overwhelming and seemingly never ending invasion.

Features & Content:

  • Over 50 missions in Challenge Mode.
  • 6 Game Modes linked to Leaderboards.
  • 5 Special Weapons, each with their own unique strengths and weakness.
  • 5 Different Battle zones.
  • 4 Unique types of enemies.
  • Game content with Multiple Unlocking methods.
  • Low spec PC requirements, play it comfortably on your netbook.
  • Controller enable for a more intuitive game play.