Vector Thrust

Vector Thrust

Vector Thrust is a Fast pace cellshading flying action.

The game aims to offer a variety of game modes from more quick action oriented an immersive story based campaign where the player can acquire new planes as he progresses.

The player has full power over the game in order to tweak, edit or mod every aspect of the game. Adding custom skins, changing a parameter of a unit or creating full-blown battle scenarios is easy and open to anyone.

Above all, Vector Thrust also delivers a tactical, intelligent AI, where every unit works to complete his mission in a dynamic ever-changing battlefieldthat is never played the same way twice.

More info, features and content will be added weekly, including new maps, aircrafts and others.


  • Lots of modes
  • Campains
  • Challenges
  • Advanced Tactical AI
  • Ace Squadrons
  • Custom content
  • Mods Supported

##SITENAME## Digital Distribution

You can also follow the game here:

  1. You say mods are supported but to what extent ?

    As in adding fully new vehicles ?

    New maps ?

    Weapons ?

    Gamemodes ?

    • Yes to all except the game modes, currently, the only thing you cannot add for now are new game modes. But this is something that will change in the future.
      About vehicles, weapons and maps it will be possible to add new content made from scratch.

  2. Please keep up the good work. Maybe this will be the ace combat for pc many fans have been waiting for years.

  3. Please know that all of ACS (Ace Combat Skies forum) is supporting you on this project!

  4. Í love this. Since im an Ace Combat fans, i will love it automaticly xD
    Can we also do plane requests?

  5. How many more dated airplanes (around vietnam war era, F-4 and the likes) will there be available?

  6. How many more dated airplanes will be available (vietnam war era, F-4 and the likes)?

  7. Hi, i am a aircraft modeler, some suggested me to mod my planes for Vector Thrust, its an idea i like, so how can i do it? here is my gallery let me know if there is something you like. ;)

  8. Where else can I buy this?

  9. I followed your game for 2 months ago , glad to see it’s still work !

    Too bad Desura doesn’t accept Paysafecard , hope the game is gonna be greenlighted on steam !

  10. Hi, this project looks really interesting. I know it’s on greenlight but I wanted to ask do you plan to put it on steam early access or if I was to buy this on Desura would I get a activation key when the game releases on steam too? Thanks.

  11. Do you guys have a facebook page?
    Because thats how I communicate

  12. Do you still sell this game or have you put off the sales for now?

  13. how i download the game please!

  14. Just bought this the other day after getting a logitech X3D pro joystick one word AMAZING! Omg I already have logged over 12 hours of flight completed both campaigns and am now currently in challenge mode ;-) once again amazing game Im honoured to be apart of this project and hopefully one day may bring some help as a developer once I get to school hehe

  15. Guys,you are doing a great job making die-hard fans of the Ace Combat franchise realize their dreams as they design their own missions and even recreating some memorable moments by remaking their favorite missions from the AC series,backed with some SFX,voice and plane skin mods and trust me,they will giggle in joy of their masterpiece.But their joy will be brought to a grinding halt by the ever going presence of BUGS
    For God’s sake,PLEASE……FIX the BUGS.
    And also worth noting,i find the mission editor….how you say…..”complex”,This complexity has to (at one point) stop.With the lack of guides on the internet on how to use the editor coupled with the bugs that continues to haunt the editor (heck,the whole game just to say),a lot of people (not ALL,but A LOT or maybe just a few…i don’t know) will be too scared of the complexity,or too lazy to go the extra mile and try every single thing on the editor until something happens.By far you are doing a rather (sorry if this offends you guys) average work when it comes to making the editor more beginner-friendly.
    So my conclusion:
    1.Fix the bugs
    2.Make the editor much more simple/beginner-friendly
    3.If you can’t make the editor much more simple,try to give like a guide or instruction manual on how to use the editor

  16. You should also realize that this is being done by 1 person. With the help of the community TS has what a few people working on this? Honestly with the amount of people working on it there really shouldnt be any complaints unless you are a programmer or coder maybe you should offer some help to make things less “complex” with my knowledge of coding and what not I find the editor particularly easy to use. But have yet to explore “All” options thats the best part, learning how a particular function works anyone who complains is lazy and/or do not have the time to mess with it as everyone seems to be playin to test for bugs and glitches…

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